5 Ways To Send Products Safely

February 24, 2021 BY

If you have a business wherein shipping is one of its important components, then you can’t absolutely afford to deal with products being broken or damaged while in transit. Typically, when your products don’t reach your clients intact and in a safe manner, your business’s reputation will eventually suffer, resulting in a significant amount of financial loss.

Thus, if you’re working from home, then you should put a solid shipping procedure in place to make sure everything runs smoothly. This is especially true if you have no one to help you with the packing and sending process.  So, to ensure all your shipments will be delivered safely and in one piece, below are the five ways you can consider from the get-go:


  1. Use New, Sturdy Boxes

In most cases, using used boxes can be an eco-friendly idea, but it doesn’t mean they can properly protect your products during the transit. Used boxes, for instance, are known for not being 100% durable and for having even a slight bit of damage, which can compromise their overall integrity.

That being said, it’s a smart move to always use new, sturdy shipping boxes when mailing your products. These boxes will be able to provide protection to your products by making sure they’ll not get damaged upon their arrival to the destination. To ensure you get new, sturdy boxes, check if they have double walls or more. The more walls your boxes have, the stronger and thicker they’ll be.


  1. Get A Hold Of Enough Wrapping Materials

In addition to using quality boxes from reliable suppliers, like Stanley Packaging, it’s also best to utilize enough wrapping materials to ensure the safety shipping of your products. To keep them safe throughout the shipping process, be sure to have some protective materials in place.

For example, you can use some rolls of bubble wrap, newspapers, and even cardboards to wrap your products and see to it that they’re not damaged during the delivery. Also, you can use a shrink-wrap to finalize the wrapping and make sure your products will not get damaged if they have to come in contact with water.


  1. Utilize A Strong Shipping Tape

Aside from the protective wrapping materials, you may also need to close your boxes in the safest way possible to avoid damage to what’s inside. While it can be tempting to use any kind of tape, it may not be strong enough to protect the content of the boxes.

In such a case, it’s always a good idea to use a strong shipping tape that’s capable of covering seams and holding flaps down. But, if you’re looking for an effective way of sealing the boxes, you should follow the ‘H-tape’ method and you can ensure the flaps meet and that there are no gaps between themselves.


  1. Buy Adequate Insurance

Sometimes, damage to products being shipped can’t be avoided. This is especially true if the damage is caused by a fortuitous event or something that’s beyond the control of man. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have adequate insurance to keep your valuable products protected during storage and transit. By doing this, you don’t need to suffer from financial losses if the shipped items will arrive damaged or if they don’t reach the recipients at all.


  1. Find The Services Of An Efficient Shipper

Well, the shipping company you’re going to use can also make a huge difference in the safe shipping of your products to their designated recipients. Typically, most efficient shippers have the proper skills, experience, and equipment to handle your products the safest way possible. Just be sure to find the right one that suits your shipping needs and budget.

For example, look for a shipping company that’s efficient and has reliable staff who’s responsible in handling your products. Sometimes, the inefficiency of the staff may be the reason for products being delivered in a damaged or shabby state. Thus, make sure to partner with the appropriate shipper to keep your items safe and protected while in transit.



Realistically speaking, shipping items in a safe manner can be burdensome. However, by keeping the things mentioned above in mind, you can ensure a safe and hassle-free delivery of your products. That way, you can rest, knowing that all your items will arrive to their destinations safely and without damage.