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March 7, 2020 BY

Sustainable fashion expert Bianca Flint and graphic designer and creative Andrea Hurley have made something special at Hattie and the Wolf.

Hattie and the Wolf celebrates the unique beauty of handmade wares and gifts as well as sustainable and modern preloved fashion.


‘HATTIE and the Wolf, where’s that?’ … something that Andrea Hurley, owner and creator of one of Ballarat’s most hidden treasures, has heard a lot over the past (almost) three years.

Graphic designer and creative Andrea Hurley has over 20 years retail experience and has drawn on that in establishing Hattie and the Wolf.

Blink and you’ll miss it, a the gorgeously petite and humble circa 1860s shopfront that does well to conceals the world of wonderment that lies inside.

Andrea is a graphic designer, artist, and unapologetic creative, who will just about give anything a go!

“That’s the thing about a creative mind, too many ideas not enough time,” Andrea laughs.

After many years on the market scene, it was a huge leap to invest in a bricks and mortar store. But as Andrea explains, she saw it as an opportunity to not only showcase her own handmade wares, but also the work of other talented artisans.

The store is a creative hub that celebrates the unique beauty of handmade, of conscious consumerism and things that are just “a little bit different.”

Hattie and the Wolf has quickly become a go to for many locals, and much of what makes Hattie and the Wolf the shop so special, are its the customers, and the sense of community that it has created.

The beautifully curated wares that adorn the shelves and walls, are tribute to Andrea and her eye for design.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the story ends there, but look a little further, and be delighted by what you will find.

Ascend the old staircase and you’ll find Bianca Flint and her collection of heavily curated preloved fashion.

Bianca is a stylist and sustainable fashion advocate, her business The Wardrobe Green, was the catalyst in creating the collaborative partnership – Hattie’s Wardrobe Green.

Bianca Flint is a sustainable fashion advocated and brings the best of modern preloved clothing at Hattie’s Wardrobe Green.

Hattie’s Wardrobe Green is a preloved fashion boutique that buys and sells only the best quality preloved fashion.

“When people hear preloved fashion, they often assume vintage, but we only stock modern, high end and predominately Australian labels,” explains Bianca.

Along with managing Hattie’s Wardrobe Green, Bianca also hosts personal styling sessions, sustainable fashion workshops and body image coaching.

These two Women in Business have created something pretty special, so I guess they’re right when they say, “when women work together, amazing things happen”.