SALT Townhomes prove a hit with lifestyle buyers

November 5, 2020 BY

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Salt Townhomes on Grossmans Road, Torquay has been a hit with buyers, with Stage 1 sold out ahead of time and currently under construction.

Jan Juc brothers Lewie and Tom Wright are very pleased to have secured a Salt Townhome in Stage 1 before being sold out.

As buyer demand for Salt Townhomes from locals, downsizers and first home buyers continues to remain strong, and now the local builder has moved to launch Stage 2 this weekend.

This next stage that consists of 36 town houses, which are eligible for both the $25,000 HomeBuilder and $20,000 first home owner grants to those who qualify. They’ll be available to the market this Saturday and Sunday from 11am-2pm at the Display Suite at 85 Grossmans Road.

Salt Townhomes is at the heart of the Salt Torquay 7.5-star residential estate, creating beachside terrace house living in a generously landscaped setting.

Salt Torquay combines the convenience of modern urban living with the natural liveability of Torquay.

Sales consultant Sam Parsons said that that Stage 2 is being bought to market earlier as such was the success with Stage 1.

“This product has hit the spot with discerning Townhome buyers who have also given their stamp of approval the Estates environmental credentials,” he said.

“With an average 7.5-star energy rated design that boasts natural materials, double glazing and solar panels, these Townhomes are proving to be a very popular choice for those looking to enjoy the Surf Coast lifestyle.

“Much of the interest has been from people looking to work from home utilising the high-speed internet and doing it all from a great outlook over Torquay, some with potential water views.

“With the process to have Torquay’s town boundaries locked up well and truly underway, this creates an excellent opportunity to be part of a well-planned sustainable community that may not happen again.”

The Salt Torquay Townhomes harmoniously incorporate modern clean line forms with natural materials and textures to create a relaxed community atmosphere and feeling of space and connectedness to the coastal landscape and ocean views.

The generous interior joinery combine practical functionality with naturalistic materials and finishes to provide pen, light filled spaces with a calming quality that frames the landscape and coastal views.

Every home at Salt Torquay enjoys a private rear garden with aspects to common landscaped space of tree lined streets.

In addition, first floor living areas have direct access to over-sized, north facing balconies with the added benefit of first floor privacy.

With finance options available, be sure to register your interest at’

For more information please contact Sam Parsons on 0437 028 541 or drop into the Sales Suite at 85 Grossmans Road, Torquay.

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