Teamwork and strong relationships the key to outstanding home care

January 8, 2020 BY

Community of care: Sandie Adaway and Rhonda Collins have built an strong and positive relationship over four years as part of BHS’ home care package program. Photo: FILE

People are often surprised to learn that Ballarat Health Services has been providing home care support for over 30 years.

AGING can be a frightening process, and people worry about what will happen if they can’t take care of themselves.

Many of Ballarat Health Services’ case managers are long-term members of the service and live locally so they understand both the local community and how the home care packages system works. Case managers speak of the positive benefits they receive from their relationships with their clients.

Case Manager Ms Sandie Adaway says, “You develop a relationship with your client, and you realise the importance of your client’s goals, and you want them to achieve that.”

Her client Rhonda Collins confirms that she is not as lonely as she once was, and is grateful to be able to remain independent while also having the services and equipment she needs at home.

Government-funded home care packages provide support for people who want to remain at home as they age.

The consumer-directed funding allows recipients to choose how they use their money and the provider they want coordinating their support. Funded services such as cleaning, gardening, transport and specialist equipment allow them to remain safe and connected to their community.

When clients and their case managers talk about working together, a strong sense of teamwork and friendship becomes apparent. Local case managers mean regular home visits for clients, and many drop in for a cup of tea and a chat.

Isobel Braybrook and her case manager, Adam Skewes, have worked together for two-and-a-half years.

Isobel says she would be lost without her level 3 package, and that “Adam would do anything for us, I’m lucky to have him.”

In return, Adam says of working with Isobel and her husband Tony, “If they’re lucky to have me, I’m lucky to have them. Isobel and Tony are so easy to get on with and we always work through any issues together. We’re a good team.”

Ballarat Health Services Home Care Packages ensures that their staff are experienced, degree qualified, professional and responsive. The team’s integration in the wider Ballarat Health Services organisation and connection to Ballarat Hospital provides continuity of care and means that they team has experience and expertise working with complex care needs and dementia patients.

The Ballarat Health Services’ Home Care Packages team are always happy to share their knowledge and advice. To have a chat, call or email today.

Their office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Contact them on 03 5320 3010, [email protected] or visit bhs.org.au/homecarepackages.