The Ballarat Great Outdoor and 4×4 Expo

April 3, 2019 BY

THE Great Outdoor Expos Exhibition Manager, Richard Hiscock, has some great advice for all caravan and camping enthusiasts.

“If you are considering taking time to explore Australia’s great outdoors, then buying your own caravan, motorhome or camper trailer is a great option,” he said.

But when you look at the size and the extent of the range, it’s easy to get a bit confused and overwhelmed. By asking yourself these questions, you will be guided to choosing something that’s right for you.

What do you intend to do with it?

Don’t just think about the first trip, plan forward a couple of years. Will your caravan, camper or motorhome be mainly used for weekend escapes? Is it for family holidays with the kids? Is it for the fulfilment of a lifelong dream – the trip around Australia that may take months or even years to complete? The purpose will determine whether it be a caravan, Motorhome or camper trailer and its size and configuration.

How are you going to tow the caravan or camper trailer?

You need to check the tow capacity of your current vehicle as this will set a maximum weight for your dream caravan or camper trailer. Just because you have a tow bar doesn’t mean you can tow anything you like – check what it’s rated for.

New or used?

New caravans, motorhomes and campers offer all the benefits, safety features and comforts of recent design advancements, including independent rear suspension and durable, light weight construction material. Buying new also gives you the choice to custom build the layout of your caravan to suit your needs.  If you choose to buy a used caravan motorhome or camper trailer always buy from a licensed dealer.  This is the only way to guarantee clear title on what you are buying.

The Bottom Line

New buyers are sometimes astonished by what they consider to be the high price of today’s caravans and camper trailers, but they have always kept in step with inflation. When you look carefully at the improvements in design, technology and the excellent modern materials and accessories used in today’s models, you will see that most of them represent real value for money.   On the whole what you get is what you pay for, but the caravan industry today is competitive enough for a little shopping around to be worthwhile.

Caravan, motorhomes and camping expos where manufacturers and dealers are all together in one place, can become very generous offering impressive discounts and show specials.

By visiting The Ballarat Great Outdoor and 4×4 Expo, hopefully this will help you to decide on what option is right for you and help make an informed decision.

We Look forward to seeing you all at The Ballarat Great Outdoor and 4×4 Expo. Ballarat Showgrounds – corner Howitt Street and Creswick Road, Wendouree from Friday, 12 April to Sunday, 14 April.