Surprised: Linton Primary school council president Alison Kerr and acting principal Jenny Dyer with pupils during a funding announcement on Friday. Photo: ALISTAIR FINLAY

Big cash boost for little Linton PS

November 30, 2020 BY

ABOUT forty students, staff and parents gathered at the gates at the Linton Primary School on Friday.

They didn’t exactly know why they were there, only that the Member for Buninyong Michaela Settle was visiting and set to make an announcement.

When the news came, that Linton Primary School would be getting $1.978 million for upgrades to facilities and equipment, the school community erupted in cheers.

Acting principal Jenny Dyer described the money as, “Pennies from heaven.”

“To get this amount of money, even just for the community is absolutely amazing,” she said. “It’s out of the blue.

“Because we’re out in the country we’re often forgotten. Even though Ballarat’s not far away we seem to be the poor relation and we get the dribs and drabs.”

With about 35 pupils at the school from Prep to grade 6, school council president Alison Kerr said the money would help build a legacy and create an environment that would draw more children to enroll.

“It’s an awful lot of money, so it needs to be used on something that is very worthwhile and benefits not just these children, but those that come through the school in years to come,” she said.

“It would be my hope that this money can start to make this school a destination choice.

“This funding gives us the opportunity to turn all those things that sit on a wish list into reality.”

As for what the money would be spent on, both Ms Dyer and Ms Kerr had some ideas, but the ultimate decision would be up to the students and the school community.

“We can do some great consultation with our school community and figure out exactly what it is that we’re going to spend this money on to turn this into a long term, amazing environment for the students of Linton,” Ms Kerr said.

Ms Dyer added, “The front half of the school building was refurbished about 15 years ago, and the back half is old and the floor’s up and down. It’s in desperate need of renovation.

“Just imagine what we can do. We could extend backwards, we could have an art room, a science space, a new library, refurbish the class rooms, the playground is quite old and needs updating, the children have been wanting a running track on the oval for a number of years.”

The nearly $2 million cash boost for the school came as part of a pre-budget announcement by the State Government.

Ms Settle said the money goes beyond building works and improvements to the school grounds.

“Every kid in Victoria deserves the best,” she said. “It’s not just bricks and mortar this school, it’s their community.

“I’m particularly delighted that we’re recognising these schools that are further out of Ballarat are community and a really important part of the community.

“I have a very special love of Linton, it’s a really thriving community. I’m just delighted the next generation of Lintonions will have the facilities to help them grow into leaders of the future.”

The announcement was held at the front of the school due to COVID restrictions limiting visitors entering the grounds.