Keep moooving: Lorraine Gittings, The SoupBus’ food coordinator, accepted Cleo and Olivia’s donation of much-needed supplies. Photos: SUPPLIED

Bits & Pieces benefit those in need

January 9, 2021 BY

THE young and enterprising stallholders behind Bits & Pieces have sold more homemade gifts this season, raising money for The SoupBus.

Eleven-year-old Cleo and 10-year-old Olivia made and sold glitter jars, potpourri bags, sand jars, painted rocks, and greeting cards to family and friends via Facebook, and to their neighbours, as they were unable to hold a face-to-face community stall due to COVID-19.

Selling $200 worth of gifts, Cleo said she and Olivia dropped off sales to their customers’ homes. They then bought and delivered 84 cartons of long-life milk to The SoupBus, worth $100.

Cleo and Olivia bought 84 cartons of long-life milk for The SoupBus.

“We have never donated to The SoupBus before, so it was something different,” she said.

“Mum messaged The SoupBus to ask what they needed, and that was long-life milk. Lorraine [Gittings, food coordinator] was very grateful.”

With their own unique creative skills, Cleo and Olivia enjoy bringing their talents together to make some Bits & Pieces magic.

“With our different abilities, Liv can make some things that I can’t, and I can make some stuff that she can’t.

“Glitter jars, like snow domes, are my favourite to make because they’re fun to shake up, watching the glitter float slowly through the water,” Cleo said.

“I liked making the pet rocks too, because we designed some with funny faces, all in different colours. Some people wanted to give those gifts to their sons and daughters for Christmas.”

The remaining $100 from their latest round of fundraising is currently being injected into stock for the girls’ next Bits & Pieces initiative, where they plan to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital, and meet customers face-to-face again.

Cleo’s mum Erin Harris said the family has supported Bits & Pieces this Christmas, looking ahead to the upcoming stall.

“We got Cleo and Liv a cap and apron each, with their logo printed on them, so when they have their next stall, they’ll have a little uniform to wear,” Mrs Harris said.

At the beginning of last year, Cleo and Olivia’s first project saw them sell lemonade, and then the “bits and pieces” they’ve become known for, generating funds for Diabetes Australia, the Leukaemia Foundation and bushfire relief.