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HR panel talks communication for Business Day In

May 25, 2020 BY

FINDING strategies to manage a professional team under difficult circumstances is the focus for Commerce Ballarat’s Business Day In HR panel on Wednesday, 27 May from 12.30pm.

Hosted via Zoom, the talk is part of a series of free webinars. Inspire HQ founder and director, Ange Connor, JK Personnel managing director, Tim Walshe, and Federation Business School colleagues Professor Philip Taylor and senior lecturer, Dr Soma Pillay, are all ready to share their expertise to keep staff mentally healthy, resilient and flexible

Ms Connor said her sector is seeing a lot of complexity surrounding the management of people in their own differing circumstances.

“Teams are working remotely, staff have been stood down or put off work because of COVID-19, and then they’re trying to transition them back into the workforce as businesses are allowed to reopen,” she said.

“Many are also trying to juggle home schooling commitments as well, and although we’ve had notification that kids will be transitioning back to school, there’s still a lot of unknown and uncertainly in that space.

Inspire HQ founder and director, Ange Connor

“This is putting a lot of pressure on a large proportion of the workforce, and we’re seeing increases in mental health issues.”

She said managers and business owners should surround themselves with strong networks of helpful, resourceful people as they face a big challenge in supporting the individual needs of remote staff.

“It’s complex. We can’t sit down and have a face-to-face conversation in a lot of circumstances at the moment, so how you have those check-ins with staff, whether over the phone or over a Zoom meeting, is particularly difficult and stressful.

“In the panel, we’ll be talking through strategies around how you can enhance that communication and be really clear. Sometimes, if we’re not clear, what we think we’re saying is heard or interpreted very differently,” Ms Connor said.

JK Personnel’s Tim Walshe said there’s no ‘one size fits all’ way, but there’s one element that should carry through all approaches from management and business owners.

“As long as you come from a place of kindness, and genuinely want to do what’s best for your employees, you’ll usually land thereabouts. That’s critically important,” he said.

Keynote speakers, Lucy Bloom and Jason Cunningham are also set to share their knowledge.

JK Personnel managing director, Tim Walshe.

Ms Bloom will inspire and challenge with ideas to elevate trade through courage, kindness, optimism and fun, and Mr Cunningham will look at generating profit and moulding dream lifestyles.

Networking drinks from 5.30pm will connect professionals in Zoom breakout rooms.

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