Local art amongst autumn colours

May 21, 2022 BY

Check it out: Grade 4, 5 and 6 pupils at Macarthur Street Primary school are contributing to the SHAC Art Walk for the first time. Photo: EDWINA WILLIAMS

PUT on a cosy jacket, pull on some comfy shoes, set out for a stroll around Soldiers Hill, and spot the area’s creative offerings this May.

The Soldiers Hill Artist Collective’s annual Art Walk is currently running, encouraging people to step out and check out the work of 18 established artists across 18 venues within the suburb.

SHAC secretary and artist Cliff Adeney said shopfronts including cafes, a book shop, pizzeria, and an accountancy firm, residences, and schools are part of this year’s walk, all displaying pieces made locally by residents, young and old.

“It’s a chance to look at a wonderful suburb with its autumn colours during the Heritage Festival, while supporting the artistic community in Ballarat, the businesses and schools involved,” he said.

“One residence will have four blank corflutes on the fence, with textas there, so the community can come and do their own art. It’s a blank canvas, and we invite anyone to come along and do their bit.

“The symbol of the yellow square is synonymous with SHAC’s Art Walk, so look out for the yellow squares on the footpath near venues.”

Both Macarthur Street and St Columba’s primary schools are new contributors to the Art Walk in 2022, with pupils collaborating on vibrant and imaginative paintings.

“The students making their own art enhances community involvement, and we’ve been very excited with their responses,” Adeney said.

Macarthur Street Primary School junior councillors, nine-year-old Aleah and 12-year-old Wade, are some of the young artists in grades 4 to 6 who have work showcased, and have been guided by art teacher Karen Wray.

“We painted the beach picture together, which was really fun. First, we drew it, then painted the sand, water, sky, trees, clouds and sun, double coated things, shaded some colours, and added details,” Aleah said.

“They’re being hung on the fence around our school for the public to enjoy.”

Wade said he was “chuffed” to present the fruits of their creative teamwork.

“It’s great to share your artwork with the people around you so you can show them what future artists might look like. We’re the next generation,” he said.

School principal Kim Carey said the school values community spirit, both amongst their students and families, and the wider suburb.

“Macarthur Street Primary School is at the heart of Soldiers Hill. We are always looking forward to opportunities to strengthen relationships,” she said.

The SHAC Art Walk is running until Sunday, 29 May, and a map can be accessed at shacballarat.org.au.