Still helping: While the clubrooms are currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, the services provided by the group members are not shutting down any time soon. Photo: BAYLEY COCKING

Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion

May 22, 2020 BY

COMMUNITY service is a core foundation of Lions Australia and the Buninyong & Mount Helen club has been exhibiting that philosophy in recent times.

The local organisation has been helping elderly and physically disadvantaged residents with a variety of tasks heading into winter.

Member David Page said the group can provide locals with plenty of services and not to hesitate to give them a call.

“We can help out with a lot of things, we have a very diverse range of skills in our team,” he said. “It’s also important to ensure everyone is feeling okay, so if you just need a chat, don’t hesitate to ring us up.”

Recently, the club assisted residents of the Buninyong area with splitting and sorting firewood.

A homeowner from Lal Lal, who asked not to be named, recently suffered a stroke. As he was living alone, he found himself unable to prepare firewood for the colder months ahead.

Fortunately, a local realised the man needed help and alerted the Lions club, who sprang into action by splitting and stacking the wood under his carport.

Mr Page said the group of eight sorted approximately 10 cubic metres of firewood.

“We would send two members over at a time and make sure that we were physically distanced as we worked,” he said. “In the end it probably took about forty hours of manpower.”

The organisation also aided an elderly woman with her firewood, using a hydraulic splitter to speed up the process.

Mr Page said most times the Lions have helped someone out, it’s often a third party that contacts the club, not the person themselves.

“This particular woman also lived alone, and a neighbour actually called us up and explained that she was struggling to move all of the firewood,” he said.

“All of the people we help are very appreciative, we just want people to know that there’s no shame in asking for help, everyone needs a hand sometimes and that’s what we’re here for.”