Eyes on the prize: Victoria’s Peter Hawkins send one down during his rink’s tie, but team’s grand final win, in Division 2 for the BDBD. Photos: CHIPPY RIVERA

Vics claim three flags, yet Sebas raises the big one

March 18, 2020 BY

SEBASTOPOL and Victoria played on Sunday at Webbcona Bowling Club in the Ballarat District Bowls Division Premier grand final. Sebas proved too strong and won, 85-49. Afterwards you could hear the club song belting out as they celebrated their victory well into Sunday evening.

DIVISION 1 – Linton won three of its four rinks and, in the process, defeated City Oval, 117-93. The victory speech from Linton’s captain was heartfelt.

Linton 117 defeated City Oval 93

S Walters, E Grigg, T Wilson and C Grenfell 34 d K Nunn, L Sims, B Morris and H Fumberger 26. G Landers, J Hetherington, R Hetherington and P Wilson 24 d T O’Farrell, J Harman, I Robinson and W Roberts 23. C Sinclair, C Fletcher, N Pearce and B Williams 27 lt P Cameron, L McKenzie, M Firman and G Mann 28. S Williams, D Pridham, B Vandenberg and C Williams 32 d M Brown, E Kierce, K  Magrath and M Walton 16.

The Vic’s Trevor Bibby in Division 5.

DIVISION 2 – With two drawn rinks this final match was a close battle. Victoria came out on top with the win over Ballarat North, 94-82 to claim their first premiership of the day.

Victoria 94 defeated Ballarat North 82

D Prenc, P Hawkins, H Stenning and N Verlinden 21 dr M Clarke, S Feldman, D Nestor and G Mattei 21. R Saw, R Chapman, D Goring and A Dennis 21 lt S Newman, G Williams, A Gervasoni and S Plater 23. B Murphy, G Pyke, M Cunningham and M Philipson 28 d D Payne, T Simpkin, K Makings and C Thompson 14. M Tudorovic, P Powell, B Davis and F McGuigan 24 dr A Newman, G Bowden, P Ryan and J Quick 24.

DIVISION 3 -Bungaree have had a fantastic season and ended it with the win. The side proved too strong for Creswick, taking all four rinks and a 101-74 victory.

Bungaree 101 defeated Creswick 74

D Haintz, J Frawley, P Wilkinson and Thornton 21 d R Burt, Purcell, R Ohlson and R Irwin19. M Phyland, G Checkley, T Murnane and T Trigg 25 d D Riordan, K Neil, J Mathews and B Hetherington 24. C Ward, P Stapleton, J Maher and T Maher 33 d R Evans, B Yates, R Prictor and J Matusik 13. M Frawley, J Wade, A Mahar and P Spratling 22 d D Cooper, R Lethlean, A Penrice and L Keen18.

DIVISION 4 – City Oval managed to get two rinks up, however it wasn’t enough with Victoria on a roll and the Vics went onto win, 118-79.

Victoria 118 defeated City Oval 79

D Leeson, P Cocks, B Harrison and E King 15 lt R Vance, D O’Sullivan, R Ryan and M Tait 23. A Berry, G Oram, S O’Loughlin and P McDougall 23 lt J Ryan, K Birch, T  Grano and G Hamilton 24. J Norman, B Dodd, Steve Britt and Shane Britt 45 d P Birch, C Magrath, R Kinna and A Uthenwoldt 19. D Leeson, B Hughes, P Norman and B Whitcher 35 d A Hawkes, B Hender, J Vance and P Oxlade 13.

Midland’s Mick Green in Division 5.

DIVISION 5 – Victoria have been the most successful club this season and they continued their run defeating Midlands Golf, 111-84.

Midlands 84 lost to Victoria 111

T Launer, L Denning, G Yates and R Bissett 25 dr A David, B Bellingham, L Luxford and G Henderson 25. J Ross, R Stevens, J Vincent and M Green 20 lt D Ford P Britt, A Hibberd and R Beaston 25. R Mclachlan, A Peacock, P Bond and G Smith22 lt C Jones, R Bibby, M Walsh and B Barnes 29. D Lacy, J Giblet, A Duggan and N Stevens 17 lt T Bibby, J Jackson, P Muller and D Williams 32.

DIVISION 6 – In what was a close match, Bungaree brought home their second medal defeating Ballarat North, 90-78.

Ballarat North 78 lost to Bungaree 90

H Newman, C McLennan, B Humphreys and L Ayres 23 d L Butler, D Thornton, B Jones and J Moran 19. J Mc Arthur, R Parker, A Parker and D Radisich 23 d M Spratling, S Kennedy, B Macklin and G Diamond-Keith 20. K Rule, A Webster, K Taylor and J Brinkley 13 lt D Lee, B Wade, D Tonkin and NKennedy 27. I Antonio, H Adams, A Haywood and I Cunninham 19 lt J Frawley, J Steenhuis, M Checkley and B Forbes 24.

DIVISION 7 – Ballarat proved too strong for Buninyong winning, 116-69.

Ballarat 116 defeated Buninyong 69

S Fothergill, G Bourke- Finn, G Burge and P Aspland 22 lt S Josephs, S Molloy, J Fox and J Podolinsky 24. K Cornish, D Bownlee, C Spratling and M Cornish 25 d L Donelly, M Sultana, M Arthurson and B Glover 21 . W Penhall, P Titheridge, A Campbell and S Thompson 35 d J Pobjoy, N Gorman, H Slater and J Worth 14. B Burge, L Wilson, G Blood and R Tempany 34 d F Sultana, G Keating, B Mabbrey and R Hepburn 10.

DIVISION 8 – In what was the closest result of all the Grand Finals, Daylesford defeated Waubra by two shots. Both teams had one rink well up and one rink well down. End score was 49-47.

Waubra 47 lost to Daylesford 49

C Gallagher, G Molloy, S Stepnell and T Briody 16 lt D Field 32. S Tol, M Chennell, F Kennedy and C Stepnell 31 d M Tait 17.