The vision to be her best

March 8, 2024 BY

Optometrist, Rajinder Uppal, from OPSM Wendouree places an emphasis on personal, long-lasting connections with her patients.

FOR Rajinder Uppal, optometrist and owner of OPSM Wendouree, it’s variety that keeps a big smile on her face.

“The thing I love about my job is on any given day I get to switch between seeing patients, to coaching young team members, to coming up with creative ideas of how I can improve my business,” she said.

“All while maintaining our focus on delivering high quality eye care. There aren’t many industries where I’d be able to do that.”

A dedicated professional and vision specialist, Rajinder said forming lifelong bonds with customers is a highlight of her job.

“What I love about optometry, particularly optometry in country areas, is the ability to build connections with my patients,” she said.

“I have treated patients from when they were in prep with their first pair of glasses to when they left for university. Over that time, I have been able to build relationships with their whole family.

“To be able to achieve that, for me is an accomplishment because the fact that they keep coming back means that I am doing something right.”

Rajinder’s biggest business achievement would have to be winning the Franchise Council of Australia awards for Victoria in 2014.

“It was the first time I realised that I had moved from being an optometrist who had her own practice, to being a business women as well,” she said.

Rajinder feels that it’s important that her profession as a whole continues to deliver high quality eye care into the future.

“As with other health care industries there will always be challenges,” she said. “What I hope is that we continue to be respected for what we do.

“Optometrists play a crucial role in our communities. At all my practices delivering a high standard of eyecare is our main focus.

“At a time when everybody seems to be striving for higher volume, it is important to me that when patients come to my practices, they can be assured that we’ll spend the time to get to know them, as well as their visual needs, and we’ll exceed expectations by delivering exceptional eye care and a high-quality product.”

Rajinder also has some words of inspiration and advice for those who are considering or starting out in the optometry profession.

“I always wanted to be in health care, and optometry sort of fell into my lap,” she said.

“Having opportunities arise at the right time, I just needed the courage to embrace them.

“I want to be, together with my practices, role models in the optical franchise and business world.

“When I hang up my trail frame for the last time, I want it to be with the assurance that I made a difference. I want to know that I inspired my team members to learn that with courage and hard work they can achieve their dreams.

“As for my patients, they are much more to me than a pair of eyes. I want to make sure that I made a difference in their lives, no matter how small.”