Fate matches Michael to perfect job

December 10, 2020 BY

Shari Phillips and Ruth Vickers-Willis.

WHEN WDEA Works employment consultant Shari Philips made a last-minute decision to call into Scotchman’s Hill Winery on the Bellarine Peninsula, she was unaware of the impact it would have on the life of one of her clients.

Shari sat down with Scotchman’s Hill hospitality manager Ruth Vickers-Willis to chat about her employment needs.

Shari Phillips and Ruth Vickers-Willis.

“From the moment I first spoke with Ruth I had a feeling that she would be a great employer to have a working relationship with,” Shari said.

“She was extremely understanding and interested in our program and our values. She was open to giving our jobseekers a go and was happy to take other referrals and open to capacity building roles within the business.”

Shari met with Ruth around the same time that Surf Coast local Michael decided to engage WDEA Works to help him find a job. Working with his employment consultant Duncan Brown, Michael detailed his work history, interests and hobbies.

“Michael has a keen interest in gardening and maintenance work, so it was a fortunate coincidence that the very same day Shari informed me that Ruth was looking for someone at Scotchman’s Hill. I was able to suggest the perfect candidate – Michael,” Duncan said.
Within a week of his meeting with Duncan, Michael started work at Scotchman’s Hill.

“The first thing to say is that there was serendipity at play! My first interview with WDEA Works was on the Monday and I was working by that Thursday,” he said.

“Duncan was attentive and friendly. He didn’t talk down to me – he showed me respect and gave good advice. I’m thoroughly pleased with everything. Working at Scotchman’s Hill has been a real boost for me. I have more self-respect and feel enthusiastic about life again. My workmates have been friendly and accepting,” Michael said.

WDEA Works continues to support Ruth and Michael, with Duncan and Shari keeping in regular contact.

“We have maintained a fantastic working relationship with Ruth and Scotchman’s Hill,” Shari said.

“We regularly check in with our clients and provide that support for them and the employer whilst they are working.”

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