Mysterious debut EP from Ocean Grove artist

December 3, 2020 BY

Swim Lane EP cover art

There is a mysterious new artist lurking around Ocean Grove who goes by the name Swim Lanes.

It’s four tracks of uplifting, video game dream pop straight out of 1986. Although it is uplifting in a semi-heart breaking kind of way – it has a futuristic dystopian undertone, probably a result of the programmed drums and warm modulating synth. Guitars are for the most part subtle but every now and then one cuts through with a tasteful but indulgent 80s slice.

“Most of the drums, cymbals and so on are sampled from live drums I’d recorded before I flogged my drum kit for quick cash,” Lanes said.

“I like how that turned out actually, you can surprise yourself when you sample something, speed it up or slow it down.”

Identifying with the moniker Lanes, the influences on the release will offer a clear path in the direction of the EP.

“For this release Deerhunter, Spacemen 3, Spectrum/Sonic Boom, The Beach Boys, early Ariel Pink and MY Bloody Valentine were big reference points for the overall sound.” Lanes said.

“For some songs I was going for more specific vibes.”

“For example, ‘When I’m alone,’ which is quite synth heavy, was an attempt at something like an OMD song or ‘bachelor kisses’ by the Go-Betweens.”

Lanes moved to Ocean Grove from Geelong in recent months and has pride in the coastal areas.

“It’s a pretty cool town in general, so I’m sure there’s lots of great stuff going on. I should try a bit harder to find out I suppose,” Lanes said.

“Someone told me Kevin Mitchell from Jebediah lives down here.,”

“As far as Geelong goes, its great that we have stuff like Jerkfest that Billy from Anti-Fade Records puts on. Anti-Fade are killing it in general. I suppose not all their associated bands are strictly ‘loyal’ to Geelong/Bellarine, but its amazing that such an important, internationally-known label is from around here, Everything the put out is gold.”

Stream the Swim Lanes EP here:

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