Victoria’s COVID-19 vaccine stocks topped up

June 11, 2021 BY

The extra doses are being delivered in response to Victoria's fourth lockdown.

Victoria is getting more supply of COVID-19 vaccine to help it respond to the state’s latest lockdown, with an extra 100,000 Pfizer doses and the doubling of AstraZeneca doses to GPs.

On Sunday, Health Minister Greg Hunt said the extra Pfizer would be provided over a three-week period starting from Monday, June 14.

“This week will allow them to work through some of their existing inventory, and we’ll provide that extra 100,000 doses, which will support 50,000 individuals receiving vaccines over the coming weeks.

“That’s recognition of the very strong work being done here in Victoria and the strong demand.

“We want to see other states and territories have that same degree of public support and confidence.

“It’s going well around the country, but always we push for more.”

He said the federal government would double doses for GPs in Victoria for each of the next two weeks from 115,000 to 230,000 AstraZeneca vaccines.

“This will help drive forward the vaccinations for the over 50s; important, critical steps going forward.”

The Australian Medical Association’s Victorian president Professor Roderick McRae welcomed the extra doses for GPs in particular.

“We’re delighted it’s following the medical model. GPs are trusted, they’re good, they’re efficient, they have been able to deliver vaccines safely for decades,” he said.

“They know what they’re doing – so please, routinely make an appointment.

“Ultimately, we want our GPs to be undertaking their vaccinations at maximum pace, as much as they possibly can, because tragically, this is a real virus.

“It’s highly infectious, it’s spread by aerosol, and it occasionally kills people.

“I cannot over-emphasise how important it is that people get vaccinated.

“Following this, if you have a symptom, please get tested. If you’re in the presence of a person who has a symptom, call it to their attention and both of you get tested. “It’s extremely important so that we can track this down.”

State Minister for Health Martin Foley said the federal government’s new allocations to GPs were much needed.

“We have in fact been eating into our supplies,” he said on Monday this week.

“And having demonstrated that, I was pleased with the Commonwealth providing Victoria extra doses beyond our allocated standard numbers.”

On Friday last week, the state government slightly eased the May 28 COVID-19 restrictions across regional Victoria, including no limitations on travel and face masks only required outside if people cannot socially distance, but metropolitan Melbourne was to remain in lockdown for at least another week.

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