Arterial road concerns residents

November 26, 2020 BY

Federal MP Libby Coker met with residents of Tivoli Drive in Curlewis about safety concerns.

FEDERAL MP Libby Coker is calling on the City of Great Geelong to listen to residents of Tivoli Drive who have expressed safety concerns about the arterial Curlewis road.

Ms Coker met with residents who labelled the road as “dangerous and a “nightmare” and said she had written to local councillors and the City of Greater Geelong CEO Martin Cutter to voice residents’ concerns.

Merv Finger, resident and advocate for others in the area, said the increased traffic on the road, the associated noise and the lack of safety had become a “nightmare” for many residents.

“This was to be our final retirement home. We were told we’d have a nice, quiet outlook,” he said.

“Our grandkids could play safely in the street under supervision, so we were told.”

Ms Coker urged the council to listen to the feedback of residents and resolve the “serious” safety issues as soon as possible.

“The council must take this opportunity to listen to residents and make the necessary upgrades to make Tivoli Drive fit for purpose,” Ms Coker said.

“This is a long straight undulating road with several blind spots and large trucks travelling up and down to get to new developments. It’s noisy, it’s dangerous and something needs to be done now.”

The City of Greater Geelong reduced the speed to 50 km/h on the road, and speed humps to slow down drivers are set to be built in December.

“We continue to work closely with residents to address their concerns about traffic on Tivoli Road,” City of Greater Geelong services director Guy Wilson-Browne said.

“Community safety is our number one priority, and we have responded swiftly to residents’ requests to implement traffic calming measures on this road.”

The city sent letters to residents on 27 October seeking feedback on proposed safety measures by 21 November.

Safety measures to be implemented on Tivoli Road will include: making improvements to the intersection at Tivoli Drive and Coriyule Road, and amending parking restrictions near the crest of Stanley Ave.

“Works will be undertaken in December and residents will be notified before construction starts,” Mr Wilson-Browne said.

Ms Coker said residents say plans included in the council’s own growth report indicate the road was always designed to be a boulevard style road like the neighbouring Centennial Boulevard.

The city said the current width of Tivoli Drive was an interim arrangement and Tivoli Drive would be upgraded to form a boulevard-style street as part of the Jetty Road Growth Plan.

“The timing of is dependent on future land development,” Mr Wilson-Browne said.

“Based on current growth we estimate the developer will construct the road in about five years.”

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