Healing through creativity: Justine’s business success story earns her award nominations

July 29, 2021 BY

Justine Martin's strength and determination has earned her 11 nominations in this year’s 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards. She is pictured here with dog Pansy. Photo: IMAGE TO BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY

JUSTINE Martin is proud to say she’s a successful business owner, author, resilience consultant, speaker and professional artist, rather than she’s disabled and cannot work anymore.

The mum-of-two, and grandmother to six, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, has beaten three primary cancers, has undergone three heart surgeries and was told she would never work again.

It was more than 10 years ago when Justine received her MS diagnosis and a neurologist encouraged her to take up a hobby, so she decided to learn how to paint.

Little did she know then that painting would not only fill up her days, but also give her a sense of hope that would transform her life.

Justine is now a multi-award-winning artist with JUZT art galleries in Drysdale and Marshall, is well-known and sought after in the Geelong business community and NDIS arena as an inspiring force through her business services, positivity, resilience and ever evolving services.

She also offers art therapy and wellness classes, and is now in the process of scaling her business, employing additional teachers and taking on more clients.

“It’s so gratifying to see people grow in their own lives and through my story provide them with a survival guide and hope, where they can say, “Because of you Justine I didn’t give up”, Justine says.

And it’s this strength and determination that has earned Justine 11 nominations in this year’s 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards, which will be held in Queensland from September 13 to 16.

Justine is nominated for the Business Excellence Award, Regional Business Award, Business Pivot Award, Disabled Business Excellence Award, The One to Watch Award, Women Will Change the World Award, Overcoming the Odds Award, Service Business Award, Health & Wellbeing Business Award, Creative Entrepreneur Award, and the Making a Difference Award (BUSINESS) – most popular business making a difference as determined by people’s choice voting.

Justine said winning one of these awards would be recognition that in spite of all the adversity she faces in day-to-day life, she has never given up and can make a difference in the world.

“Living with MS and surviving three cancers has meant the challenges of starting and growing a business have been amplified for me, both physical and psychological,” Justine said.

“The multitude of medical and allied health appointments required to help me navigate the ups and downs of MS, and allow me to continually grow my business are an equivalent to a part-time job in itself.

“My life experience with MS and numerous cancers has enabled me show true compassion and inspire those with their own health issues and life-limiting disabilities to build their own resilience and confidence through creativity.”

Justine said her JUZT art wellness classes were all about giving hope and a sanctuary for her clients to escape day-to-day hardships through the art therapy classes.

“My vision for the future is to expand my services through an online membership and this award will be the catalyst for advertising and marketing to reach and impact a wider audience who deserve a better life through art wellness and resilience consulting I offer,” she said.

“Creativity has not only given me back my life, but has allowed me to start and grow a profitable business and inspire other women to heal through creativity.

“It is giving hope and building confidence and resilience in others in ways I never imagined.”

Justine said she has been able to reach many people through not just her business, but also through online communities that bring people around the world together and give them purpose and a vision for the future through art and overcoming adversity.

“Winning this award would be amazing, not only as reward for how I’ve been able to help others but as recognition that in spite of all the adversity I face in day-to-day life, I have never given up,” she said.

“Art and creativity have become a way of life.”


Justine is now a multi-award-winning artist with JUZT art galleries in Drysdale and Marshall.

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