Fishing Report – October 19, 2017

November 16, 2017 BY


» Salmon reports off localbeaches continue
» Reports of sand flathead being caught offshore
» Still the occasional gummy shark being caught offshore
» The occasional reports of King George whiting in close
» a few pinkie snapper reportshave been received.


» Lots of salmon being caught off Wild Dog and Marengo
» Those fishing off the harbour wall are catching salmon in numbers
» Couta in the harbour as well as grass whiting
» Some gummy sharks being caught off local beaches and offshore
» Reports of some snapper offshore
» The aire River upstream producing some trout, downstream bream are being caught.

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» Reports of some pinkies, snapper and whiting being caught offshore
» Reports of some gummy shark catches off the beaches
» Reports of good salmon catches off most local beaches
» The Barwon River is still producing reports of occasional King George whiting, trevally and salmon.


» Offshore reports of pinkies and flathead being caught
» in close, reports of King George whiting and sand whiting
» Reports continue of barracouta being caught offshore
» The occasional gummy shark catches off the beaches have been reported
» Good salmon catches off local beaches
» Spring Creek: a few nice bream have been caught.

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» King George whiting, flathead, squid reported off St Leonards
» Pinkies, King George whiting, sand whiting, calamari and flathead are being caught off Clifton Springs
» Queenscliff has some reports of King George whiting and calamari catches, and salmon in the harbour
» Those fishing the creek are still reporting trevally and salmon
» Reports of whiting, taylor and calamari being caught off Clifton Springs as well as some pinkies
» Point Lonsdale has reports of trevally and salmon continuing
» The White Lady is producing whiting and calamari
» indented head is still seeing reports of flathead, King George whiting and calamari being caught.

I recently received correspondence from the lorne aquatic and angling club (laac) advising that they have been tweaking their fishing prize structure.

At the moment, they have individual trophies for snapper, garfish and bream; the bream award donated annually by the family of a later member who was a very keen bream angler.

The snapper shield dates back to the 1970s when it was regularly won by the late Bill Fulton who regularly landed catches of fish weighing several kilos.

Recently instituted are singular awards for King George whiting, salmon and flathead.

A set of guidelines was set up according to a formula devised by members in the early 1970s.

In doing so, there was no existing framework to refer to so the fish species chosen were a representative sample of fish common to the local waters.

Today, some of those original species have been dropped in a nod to the philosophy that the only fish that should be considered are those that are considered edible.

As an example, sergeant baker no longer qualifies for the weigh-in on comp days.

The exception to this is that grass whiting may be entered in the junior competition. This helps to maintain the juniors’ enthusiasm for the sport.

All fish are consigned points according to a tried and tested formula, and the point score is calculated according to length and weight.

Fish that appear seasonally, are rare or that prove more difficult to catch, such as large snapper or sweep, are awarded more points than mullet or flathead.

Of course, a particularly large flathead can beat a moderately sized King George whiting or snapper so species alone is not the sole decider.

Point distribution is generally higher for land-based fishers than for boat fishers and there is always friendly rivalry between the two camps.

The boat fisher folk don’t have the advantages afforded the land-based crew when it comes to trout and bream but conversely they are hard put to land a sizeable flattie, so it’s swings and roundabouts, really.

The club runs two comps a year: an annual trophy (on six holiday weekends) and a winter competition with events from May to September, excluding June because with two events in June, it was one too many.

In their next review the fishing subcommittee will have to weigh up whether to add another date for the Grand Final holiday and return to having the 11 comps they enjoyed until recently.

Still, 10 per year is pretty good and keenly contested with running scores updated on a regular basis. All comps are sponsored by local and member businesses.

The LAAC has a long and proud history anyone interested in becoming a member or in joining in the competitions Please contact LAAC for further information.


I would also like to remind everyone to keep those photos coming in of your big catch! Please forward them to [email protected], with type of fish, weight, length, location and your name. I am more than happy to place your photos in My Big Catch.