Portarlington Golf Club – May 3, 2018

May 2, 2018 BY

I HAVE been reading an article in the April issue of the Inside Golf magazine about the release of the 2017 driving distance study. I’m sure we all realise that new materials and design of golf clubs and balls has enabled golfers to hit the ball further than they did in years gone by. The data available only relates to the professional tour players, and indicates that since the 1980s, average driving distances have increased by around 30-40 metres. There is concern at the consequences of this increase, particularly in the design of our courses which were greatly influnced by the distances being hit. Perhaps the factor not examined is the negation of this increase in distance by the advancing age of those holding the club!

Tuesday April 24, Men’s Stableford
Excellent conditions for 151 men to enjoy, and Steve Scott enjoyed them the most with 42 points to win Trophy of the Day and C Grade from Barry Lincoln’s 38. Eddie Legg was best of the D Graders with 40 from a 37 by Trung Truong, Bill Archer headed B Grade with 39 by a point from Michael Myatt, and Max Edmanson had two eagles on his way to a 38 to win A Grade by a point from the consistent James Flanagan. The pinshots were struck by Doug Hill, Rex Johnson and Trung Truong, and the ProPin by Matt Salter.

Wednesday April 25, Ladies’ and Men’s Stableford
With the men invited to join our ladies on their day because of the Anzac day holiday, we had an interesting turnout of 34 ladies and 34 men. Top score of the day was Helen Powe with 40 points, to win the ladies division from Sue Hazell’s 38 and Cathy Strachan’s 35, with Chris Cunningham claiming the NTP. Best man was evergreen Tom Scarff with 39 from Rhys Millard and Denis Lacy, both with 37. Tom also got the NTP, with Eric Burchell scoring a great eagle on the 8th.

Saturday April 28, Men’s and Ladies’ Stroke
Perfect conditions for the 203 golfers who took part in the day’s competition, with some great scores returned. David Kirk’s nett 66 was the best of them, taking out the Trophy of the Day and C Grade from a 68 by Wayne Hood. Josh Williams headed the A Graders with 70 on a c/b from Michael Price, B Grade went to Lee Lorenc with 68 from Shane van Oosten’s 70, and David Lappin was best D Grader with 72 by a shot from wily Will Pressnell. The NTP’s were hit by Vello Pukk, Terry Powell and Matt Salter, and the ProPin by Jack Martin. Karen Thomas, with only 26 putts, topped the ladies with a nett 72, followed by Jan Cogger and Judy Fox with 75’s. Ladies NTP went to Judy Said and Sue Hazell, and Lou Blomley scored the ProPin.

Coming Events
Saturday May 5: Men’s and Ladies’ Stroke
Tuesday May 8: Men’s Stroke
Wednesday May 9: Ladies’ Stableford
Thursday May 10: Men’s and Ladies’ Stableford