Torquay Golf Club – November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018 BY

Friday, October 19: A Grade winner Joel Cormick scored 44 points and B Grade went to Mark Thompson with an impressive 46 points. Andrea Scammell had 36 points to take out the ladies. NTPs Mark Thompson, Marg Joyner, Chris Rudd, Peter Rees and Paul Brunt the jackpot.

Saturday, October 20: Greg Baeck shot 39 points to win for A Grade. B Grade went to John Anderson with 41 points and C Grade winner Bob Darby 40 points. Emma Pearce was our ladies winner 38 points and the Resort competition went to Rod Chappell 44 points. Super six winners Blue tees: John Potter 16 points, Red tees: Tim Ratcliffe 14 points and Green tees: Rod Chappell 19 points. NTPs Claire Dowley, Rod Chappell, Lyndsey Dunstan, Ron Haeberle, Tony Powell, John Mckay, Alex McMahon and Michael McKinnon the jackpot.

Sunday, October 21: A Grade winner Ben Thomas had 44 points and B Grade was won by Martin Hooiveld with +6. NTPs Ado Cations, Kevin Field, Marg Joyner and Bruce Dyer the jackpot.

Tuesday, October 23: A Grade went to Ros Lewis 38 points. B Grade Anne Milligan 40 points and C Grade Sally Torney 39 points. Resort winner Gwen Sturrock 33 points and our 9 -hole winner was Andrea Stadler 13 points. Secret super 6 winners Red tees: Anne Staig 13 points and Green tees: Gwen Sturrock 15 points.

Wednesday, October 24: Geoff Walters won A Grade scoring 41 points. B Grade Max Simpson 41 points. C Grade Wayne Tozer 40 points and D Grade Jeff Hunter 43 points. Resort winner Rod Chappell had his 2nd win for the week with 45 points. Super 6 Blue tees: Jeff Hunter 17 points, Green tees: Len Worsteling 18 points. NTPs Ross Forbes, Mick Nemeth, Boyd Williams, Bruce Dyer, Geoff Walters and Steve Trainor the jackpot.

Friday, October 25: A Grade went to Ken Stanley with 48 points. B Grade winner Bern Farrelly shot 42 points. Anne Staig won for the ladies with 37 points.

Saturday, October 26: Back to black tee challenge today and 55 players entered with cold and windy conditions wreaking havoc on their scorecard. A Grade winner Ron Haeberle was up to the challenging conditions scoring +2, Likewise B Grade winner Steve Grayson also with +2. Blue tees 76 players entered and with a very impressive +9 A Grade winner Brian Boadle. B Grade Peter Gorfine scored +6. Sue Booth won the ladies with +5 and Resort winner for the 3rd time was Rod Chappell with +5.

Sunday, October 27: Men’s winner Leon Jancz had 45 points and ladies’ winner Marg Joyner shot 37 points. NTPs Ronnie Beacom, Leon Napper, Barrie Joyner and Peter Rees the jackpot.