Torquay Golf Club – October 4, 2018

October 3, 2018 BY

TUESDAY was stableford for the ladies and A Grade winner Kathy Simson had 37 points. B Grade went to Mary Sweet scoring 41 points and C Grade winner Viv Nicol shot 39 points. Monica Spencer had 39 points to take out the Resort competition. Our 9-hole competition win went to Val McGann with 17 points. Super 6 winners Red tees Viv Nicol 16 points and Green tees Gwen Sturrock 15 points. Guest winner Lisa Reade (The Sands GC) shot 36 points. Today was also the Torquay Golf Club and The Sands Challenge and this year the Sands took out the trophy on c/b. NTPs Lisa Reade, Diane Cox, Monica Spencer, Mandy Buckley, Val McGann, Jenni Cottrill, Gail Hilton and Faye Henry-Davis hit the jackpot.

Wednesday the men played stableford and with 39 points John Berridge took out A Grade. B Grade went to Santo Giallo with 41 points. C Grade winner Graham Travers had 37 points and D Grade went to Daryl Moss with 41 points. Ross Forbes had a great round scoring 45 points to take out the Resort competition. Guest winner Philip Hopkins (Bankstown GC) had 37 points. NTPs Wes Bumpstead, Michael Naughton, Graeme Sharp, David Dodd, Eric Black and Gordon McComb took out the $250 jackpot win.

Thursday was the last of our 9-hole competitions and for the ladies the win went to Anne Milligan 15 points and for the men Jim Downey 20 points.

Friday was another stableford round for all players and the men’s A Grade winner was Darren Bartlett 39 points and B Grade winner Mark Franklin had the score of the day with 42 points. Clare Geaney won for the ladies’s 34 points and guest winner Steve Nichelson (Riverside GC) had 37 points. NTPs Andy Clark, Darryl Stevenson and Darryl also hit the jackpot.

Saturday was Grand Final day and so that everyone had the opportunity to watch the match we had a shotgun start at 8am yes, an early start but it was worth it as weather conditions turned nasty in the afternoon. Gary Taylor shot 38 points to win A Grade. Barry Leith shot an impressive 44 points to take out the B Grade win. Ladies winner Claire Dowley had 38 points and the guest win went to Graham Richardson 31 points. NTPs David Clark, Peter Kaan, Claire Dowley, Bill Innes, Gary Watson and Michael McKinnon hit the jackpot.

Sunday Joe Cengic off a 13-handicap shot +8 to win for A Grade the score of the day he also scored an eagle on the 11th. B Grade winner Jeremy Dyer had +6 another impressive score. Vicki Rossiter had SQ to win the ladies and guest winner Max Fitzgerald scored +2. NTPs Sue Booth, Scott Harding, Laurie Cook and Glyn Yates hit the jackpot.

Golf Shop news from the course: golf numbers are increasing now with warmer weather and members returning from up North. Make sure you call the golf shop for all tee bookings.