Joking around for a good cause

November 23, 2021 BY

Happy days: Local funny man Ash Greblo is part of the local acts to be joined by Melbourne comedians for the Movember Comedy Fundraiser. Photo: FILE

COMEDY is coming back to the Bendigo stage for a one-night-only Movember fundraiser.

Local acts will be joined by Melbourne comedians David Quirk, Brett Blake and Peter Jones, on 27 November at the Capital Theatre.

Funny man Ash Greblo, who is also on the Bendigo Comedy Festival committee, said he can’t wait to get back on stage and tell some jokes to a crowd.

“We’re pumped to be doing a show again, it’s for an awesome cause, Movember, but I think we’re all itching to do comedy and luckily coming back to the biggest venue in town too,” he said.

“Melbourne comedians love to come to Bendigo because the gigs are pretty good here and the audiences is pretty great, so they’re all excited to get out of Melbourne, come to Bendigo, do some comedy and have a little bit of travel.

“David Quirk’s got a joke that only works in Bendigo and he hasn’t been able to do it for two years so he’ll be very pumped to get up and tell that one.”

Greblo said Bendigo Comedy gets involved with Movember every year, to help raise funds for men’s health issues and mental wellbeing initiatives.

“On this line-up we’re all young guys, we’re all different and didn’t know each other before this but one thing that brings us together is those issues with mental health,” he said.

“It always feels like a good charity to donate to if we can. It’s something to always get behind, we’ve been doing it for the last couple of years and we’re happy to help in any way we can.”

The comedian will have a few warmup shows before gracing the Capital, however he said we’ll have to wait until October next year for the annual Bendigo Comedy Festival, originally scheduled for last month.

“We can’t wait, we’ve cancelled two now and the line-ups have always been really good, the people we had booked to come, they were some pretty big names,” he said.

“When we can definitely do it, it’s going to go off, I feel like every time we cancel it, we get a little bit better at organising it, so be ready.”

Tickets for the Movember Comedy Fundraiser are available at the Capital Theatre box office.

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