Advanced Manufacturing and Industry Award sponsored by Southern Star Group: Care Essentials Pty Ltd

October 19, 2023 BY

The team at Care Essentials with their market leading patient temperature management devices.

Care Essentials Pty Ltd is a Geelong-based medical device manufacturer that strives to develop innovative technology to improve healthcare outcomes for patients.

The company has specialized in temperature management devices since its establishment in 1996 and is best known for its Cocoon blankets and warming machines, designed to help protect patients from hypothermia and infection and speed up recovery from surgical procedures. These devices are used by 60 per cent of Australian hospitals and, along with the company’s other products, have been exported to more than 70 countries.

The family-owned company also played a large role during COVID. At the request of hospitals and state and federal departments, Care Essentials shifted its focus to the manufacture of medical grade personal protection equipment (PPE) products, surgical face masks, and N95 respirators to meet the demand for safety equipment. Through the height of the pandemic, the company made three million face masks for Victorian healthcare workers and the community.

Care Essentials produces four different types of N95 respirator masks, with two of them offering the highest “fit test” score, making them “leak-proof” through the surface area of the mask. Their design also makes these masks the most breathable face mask offering on the market, allowing for long periods of comfortable wear.

Care Essentials has since become one of the biggest respirator suppliers in the Australian healthcare sector and developed a reputation as a leader in innovative manufacturing. It was the company’s long history and broad impact that impressed the judges, winning Care Essentials the Advanced Manufacturing & Industry Award, sponsored by Southern Star Group of Companies. The award recognizes businesses operating in the manufacturing, engineering, building, and trade industries. The manufacturer was also shortlisted as one of four finalists for the Business of the Year award.

“Care Essentials has a strong commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare products, designed, engineered, and manufactured in Geelong,” judge Peter Temple said. “Their dedication to patient care and excellent industry partnerships has allowed Care Essentials to compete on a global scale with some of the biggest names in healthcare consumables.”

Among their other products, Care Essentials also manufactures continence care, fall detection medical alarms, and sustainable infectious waste disposal systems. The company’s infectious waste technology reduces the carbon and infectious waste footprint by 80 per cent, making Care Essentials a key distributor of the product.

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The Southern Star Group

The Southern Star Group of Companies is the sponsor of the 2023 Advanced Manufacturing and Industry Award.

The Southern Star Group is a privately-owned entity headquartered in Geelong and specializes in the design, production, and distribution of an exclusive range of high-quality timber and aluminum window and door systems.

Founded in 2002, the Southern Star Group has quickly become Australia’s fastest-growing window and door manufacturer. The organization encompasses a family of distinct brands, including Southern Star Aluminium Windows and Doors, Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors, Homeview Timber Windows and Doors, Southern Star Glass, and Big J Doors & Fixings.

While headquartered in Geelong, the Southern Star Group has manufacturing facilities located in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cooranbong, and Port Macquarie. An additional 16 businesses Australia-wide manufacture its product under license.

The Southern Star Group also sponsors a number of local organizations and is committed to giving back to the communities in which it operates.