Customer Service Award sponsored by Times News Group: Geelong Pest Contro

October 19, 2023 BY

This year's judges have praised Geelong Pest Control's care and respect for its customers.

Now the largest family-owned and operated pest control company in the region, a strong emphasis on customer service, quality, and professionalism has driven the growth of Geelong Pest Control.

The company’s dedication to exceeding its customers’ needs and the adoption of technology to streamline its processes has quickly seen Geelong Pest Control become an industry leader.

It is these characteristics that caught the judges’ eyes, winning the team at Geelong Pest Control the Customer Service Award sponsored by Times News Group.

“Central to their success is their impressive customer-centric approach, demonstrating a truly deep connection and understanding of their customer and the dedicated application of simple but effective behaviors to deliver a seamless and consistent outstanding service,” judges Jo Manderson and Tina Perfrement said.

“Their concentration on and investment in bespoke customer contact strategies has enabled them to get to know and manage their customers better and as a result receive consistent 5-star reviews, repeat business, and referrals.”

The Customer Service Award recognizes businesses that demonstrate a high standard of customer service, use resources to the maximum efficiency, and consistently look for ways to improve.

For Geelong Pest Control, a commitment to improvement has been evident across all aspects of the business.

“A laser focus on cause-and-effect business improvement strategies and tactics has contributed to excellent achievements in team growth, and development, innovation, sustainability, and technology,” Ms. Manderson and Ms. Perfrement said.

Managing Director Shaun Preston started the business in 2013 after serving the Australian Defence Force in Iraq and East Timor.

Preston believes the discipline and values instilled in him during his time with the military are highly transferable to business and have laid the foundation necessary for the company to thrive.

These values of accountability, punctuality, and integrity form the basis of Geelong Pest Control’s company ethos and are an expectation of all staff.

“Geelong Pest Control is an exemplary business,” Ms. Manderson and Ms. Perfrement said.

“The care and respect for the customer is evident, and the pride in the brand and what and how it is delivering its service, developing products and sustainability responsibility, and nurturing the health and wellbeing of the team is testament to the discipline and commitment clearly being made by the entire business.”

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