Emerging Business Award sponsored by The Gordon: Geelong Sports Medicine Centre

October 18, 2023 BY

Emerging Business Award winner, Geelong Sports Medicine Centre, has brought a new era of health, fitness and rehabilitation to the region.

It was a serious accident that inspired Geelong Sports Medicine Centre director Nick Jarman to find a better way to deliver allied health services to the Geelong region.

His previous experience with world-leading healthcare providers and sporting teams left him frustrated that access to high-class fitness and rehabilitation treatment was often only available in hospitals and elite sporting clubs.

The Geelong Sports Medicine Centre instead strives to offer its clients the best healthcare possible, bringing together a variety of allied health and fitness experts in the one location. These experts range from specialised physiotherapists to podiatrists and yoga instructors.

It is this dedication to the client experience that impressed the judges, winning the company the Emerging Business Award sponsored by The Gordon. “Geelong Sports Medicine Centre is truly a shining example of a healthcare facility that prioritizes its patients’ wellbeing and community engagement,” judge Tina Perfrement said. “Their impressive 18 months of intensive growth while maintaining a strong focus on customer needs and satisfaction is a testament to their dedication.”

The Emerging Business Award celebrates businesses that have been operating for less than three years but have already made a significant impact. The judges pointed to the Geelong Sports Medicine Centre’s consistently high customer satisfaction ratings as evidence of the quality of care and service the health and fitness provider offers.

“It’s clear that they prioritize not only growth but also the wellbeing and happiness of their patients,” Ms. Perfrement said. “The commitment to using highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment to create custom health plans for individuals of all ages showcases their dedication to providing personalized care.”

This state-of-the-art equipment is housed in Geelong Sports Medicine Centre’s purpose-built super clinic in Geelong West. Designed in consultation with elite sports practitioners, health professionals, and sporting clubs, the clinic includes recovery facilities, hydrotherapy, a Pilates and yoga studio, and a gymnasium.

The judges also drew attention to the Geelong Sports Medicine Centre’s efforts in supporting the Geelong community through their education and advocacy efforts. “Geelong Sports Medicine Centre’s involvement in raising awareness about concussion is laudable,” Ms. Perfrement said. “Contributions to the Australian Sports Brain Bank and active support of local sports teams demonstrate their commitment to the broader community. This dedication to giving back and promoting safety in sports highlights their role as a responsible and caring healthcare provider.”

To find out more, head to geelongsportsmedicinecentre.com.au


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