Hospitality and Tourism Award sponsored by Tourism Greater Geelong & the Bellarine: AMDA Foundation Limited

October 18, 2023 BY

AMDA Foundation Limited promote Australian industry on an international scale with events including the beloved Avalon Airshow.

AMDA Foundation Limited (AMDA), the team behind the Avalon Australian International Airshow, has won this year’s Tourism & Hospitality Award, sponsored by Tourism Greater Geelong & the Bellarine.

The award recognizes the efforts of businesses that operate within the hospitality and tourism industry.

“AMDA Foundation has promoted and increased Geelong’s exposure within the hospitality and tourism sector,” judge Sarah Charleston said. “They have had renowned success with Avalon Airshow, that has not only brought people into the region, but also created jobs.”

The non-profit organization was established to promote the development of Australian industry, manufacturing, technology, resources, and capability in the fields of aviation, aerospace, maritime, defense, and security.

AMDA’s core team of 31 employees work in conjunction with major stakeholders, including state governments, the Department of Defense, and the Australian Defense Force, to present the country’s largest defense industry events.

The biennial Avalon Airshow is the organization’s hallmark event and is recognized as one of the world’s great air shows. AMDA’s most recent airshow was held earlier this year.

After the cancellation of the 2021 airshow due to COVID, the event broke attendance records, attracting more than 248,000 trade and public attendances across the six-day event.

According to AMDA’s chief executive officer Justin Giddings, the attendance and impact of the 2023 airshow was the equivalent of two-and-a-half AFL Grand Finals. Undoubtedly the region’s biggest event, the economic benefits are significant.

The organization is also responsible for the Indo Pacific International Maritime Exposition and the Land Forces International Land Defense Exposition. Also held biennially, these events are hosted in Sydney and Brisbane, respectively.

Specialist conferences, exhibitions, and industry promotion activities supplement the organization’s events. These events are unique to Australia and provide a platform for engagement between industry, government, and academia.

The judges were also impressed with AMDA’s large volunteer base, which totals more than 520 members. “AMDA also has a loyal and motivated volunteer group, creating a community and purpose for so many local residents,” Ms. Charleston said.

While AMDA has evolved over the past 30 years from a predominantly volunteer-run organization into a professionally managed group of non-profit public companies, it continues to rely on contributions made by its volunteers. This is particularly true of the Avalon Airshow.

Volunteers travel from around the world to assist AMDA with the event, with many individuals returning year upon year.

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Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine is at the forefront of the vibrant tourism industry, representing more than 900 member operators in the region.

This year, Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine is the sponsor of the Tourism and Hospitality Award.

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