Innovation, Research and Development Award sponsored by Viva Energy: DirectBor

October 19, 2023 BY

Impressed with DirectBor's investment in innovation over the last three years, the judges have awarded the company the Innovation, Research & Development Award sponsored by Viva Energy.

DirectBor is the recipient of this year’s Innovation, Research and Development Award sponsored by Viva Energy.

A leading directional drilling company, DirectBor specializes in electrical network infrastructure, handling the supply and construction of cable and electrical transmission systems. The business also works with the communications, water, and gas supply industries and offers complete end-to-end project solutions for most underground assets. It provides these services in some of the highest growth areas in Australia, including Greater Geelong, Wyndham, and Brimbank.

Established in 1977, DirectBor’s team is comprised of a highly skilled and dedicated workforce with specialist technical skills. The company maintains a client-first approach and a strong value system based on the principles of safety, integrity, quality service, and client satisfaction.

DirectBor prides itself on the on-time, cost-effective delivery of its specialist services with a high level of safety and quality. The Innovation, Research and Development award recognizes leadership through the practical application of innovative solutions.

“DirectBor has shown significant investment in innovation over the last few years,” judge Sarah Charleston said. These innovative practices have allowed the company to operate with greater efficiency and effectiveness. The company is always seeking the latest technology to help them succeed and has also recently invested heavily in both its Corio-based facility, information technology systems, and extensive fleet of equipment.

“They have invested in a new operating management software program which has the ability to provide the team with all of the relevant documentation and tasks in a digital platform,” Ms. Charleston said. “This is important in such a high-risk industry.”

The judges were also impressed with a number of other aspects of DirectBor’s business model, including its comprehensive health and safety policy, people and culture strategies, and marketing plans. They agreed that the future of the company looks bright.

To find out more, head to DirectBor’s website.


Viva Energy

Viva Energy, one of Australia’s foremost energy providers, is the sponsor of the 2023 Innovation, Research and Development Award.

Viva Energy’s refinery is situated within the Geelong Energy Hub and has played a pivotal role in the local community for nearly seven decades.

While Viva Energy will continue to play an important role in delivering Australia’s traditional fuels, it is also actively exploring innovative ways to cater to Australia’s evolving energy demands, aligning with the country’s transition toward more sustainable energy sources.

Exciting developments are taking place in Geelong, including plans for an Ultra-Low Sulphur Gasoline processing facility, enhancing the production of cleaner fuel and a substantial tank storage project set to bolster Australia’s fuel security.

The development of the nation’s inaugural public, commercial-scale hydrogen refuelling station for heavy vehicles is also underway.

Viva Energy is dedicated to helping Australians reach their destinations, both today and in the ever-evolving energy landscape of the future.