Regional Business Award sponsored by the City of Greater Geelong: Provenir

October 19, 2023 BY

With a focus on animal welfare, the team at Provenir are working to change the way Australia eat beef.

The team at Provenir continues to go from strength to strength as they work to change the way Australia enjoys beef.

In 2022, the Avalon-based ethical beef online butcher took home the Emerging Business Award, and this year, it is the winner of the Regional Business Award, sponsored by the City of Greater Geelong.

This award celebrates businesses that operate 10km or more from the Geelong CBD.

Led by the belief that the highest quality beef comes from stress-free livestock that has been raised on regenerative farms, minimizing discomfort for animals is central to Provenir’s operation.

This motivated the company to lobby the government in 2019 to alter how animals are processed through abattoirs.

Previously, all livestock had to be processed through fixed sites.

This industry-wide practice meant that animals had to undergo live transport over long distances in unfamiliar and stressful environments, compromising the quality of the product.

Provenir’s efforts enabled the company to become the first in Australia to commercially start mobile on-farm processing.

This means that the abattoir is transported to the animal, rather than the animal being transported to the abattoir, reducing stress and enhancing animal welfare.

The company also partners with farmers who raise livestock free-range, grass-fed, and naturally, with no added hormones, herd antibiotics, or intensive feedlots.

“Chris and his dedicated team at Provenir offer the highest welfare beef as they are the only licensed mobile on-farm processing business to offer this service,” judge Christine Smith said.

“Every cut of meat tells a story of where the beef came from, with an Australian-first QR code system on every product sold.”

This QR code offers consumers insights into the origin of the product and details the cattle’s breed, the land on which it was raised, how it was farmed, and by whom.

The judges were also impressed with Provenir’s expansion to include multiple subsidiaries.

“Provenir has consolidated across four markets to offer their ethically sourced meat and meat products, including the pet industry and the wellness industry where seven of their products are now sold in GoVita,” Ms. Smith said.

Each of these products focuses on sustainability and attempts to put every part of the animal to use, removing all waste.

To find out more, head to Provenir’s website.


The City of Greater Geelong

The City of Greater Geelong has been a dedicated sponsor of the Geelong Business Excellence Awards for 14 consecutive years. This year it returns as the sponsor of the 2023 Regional Business Award.

The city is committed to helping businesses in the region to start, grow, and thrive by offering an array of invaluable resources. These include delivering training programs, events, and networking opportunities that support business growth and upskill our workforce; supplying local economic insights to help with informed decisions; and identifying available grants and funding opportunities.

Recognising the pivotal role that the success of local businesses plays in driving the region’s economy forward, the city views that success as a cornerstone in achieving its vision of a clever and creative future.

The city enthusiastically supports the 2023 Geelong Business Excellence Awards, underscoring its commitment to celebrating and nurturing business excellence in the community.