Safe and Healthy Business Award sponsored by WorkSafe Victoria: PROFINISH Fire Protection

October 19, 2023 BY

PROFINISH Fire Protection’s commitment to the health and safety of its clients, as well as the desire to grow stood out to this year’s judges, securing PROFINISH Fire Protection the Safe and Healthy Business Award sponsored by Worksafe Victoria.

PROFINISH Fire Protection has experienced significant growth over the last five years, solidifying its position as Victoria’s premier passive fire protection provider.

The company’s primary objective is safeguarding lives and mitigating property damage through the creation of fire-stopping projects.

This unwavering commitment to the well-being of their clients, coupled with their aspirations for expansion, caught the attention of this year’s panel of judges, earning them the esteemed Safe and Healthy Business Award sponsored by Worksafe Victoria.

“PROFINISH Fire Protection has undeniably exhibited remarkable growth and dedication over the past three years, and their commitment to excellence in both product and service delivery is truly praiseworthy,” remarked Judge Tina Perfrement.

The Safe and Healthy Business Award honours companies that exhibit a strong commitment to preserving the health and safety of their employees and clients.

PROFINISH Fire Protection extends a range of services to its clients, which encompasses the application of specialized fire-resistant products, offering passive fire design guidance, and conducting fire penetration audits.

The judges also commended the company’s customer-centric approach. “By prioritizing the customer at the core of their marketing strategy, PROFINISH Fire Protection has demonstrated a profound understanding of meeting customer requirements and expectations,” commented Ms. Perfrement.

PROFINISH Fire Protection’s collaboration with its subsidiary, PROFINISH Coatings, which delivers industrial coating solutions for steel fabricators, distinguishes them in the market, offering clients more than their competitors.

“One of the most striking aspects of PROFINISH Fire Protection’s journey is their ability to identify key performance indicators within their business and take definitive actions to enhance and expand,” emphasized Ms Perfrement. “This strategic emphasis on data-driven decision-making exemplifies their forward-thinking approach.”

This forward-thinking approach is reflected in the company’s adoption of test and learning automation and a bespoke lead generation program, positioning PROFINISH Fire Protection as a leader in the competitive landscape.

“What sets PROFINISH Fire Protection apart is their commitment to ongoing business development and improvement,” observed Ms. Perfrement. “This approach, involving team members in shaping the business, fosters a sense of collaboration and innovation within the organization.”

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WorkSafe, Victoria’s workplace health and safety regulator and workplace injury insurer, is the sponsor of the 2023 Safe and Healthy Business Award.

WorkSafe is committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of the community, striving to reduce workplace harm and improve outcomes for injured workers.

Over the span of more than 35 years, WorkSafe has raised the standard of health and safety in workplaces across Victoria.

While WorkSafe’s primary aim is the prevention of injuries, when a workplace injury does occur, its focus shifts to improving outcomes for those who are injured, supporting their recovery and, where possible, safe return to work.

WorkSafe aspires to be a world leader in harm prevention and recovery after a workplace injury. To achieve this, WorkSafe focuses its efforts and resources where it can make a meaningful difference to the health, safety, and wellbeing of Victorian workers.

WorkSafe is proud to support the Geelong Business Excellent Awards in recognising and celebrating business achievement and performance across the region.