Effortlessly enhance your pool with natural stone tiles and pavers

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RMS Traders offers an extensive variety of natural stone pavers and tiles to enhance your pool.

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Embarking on your pool design project is an exciting time – finally your dream is coming to life!

The reality is that when it comes to the design of your pool area, there are an abundance of elements to consider before making your final decision to ensure that it will beautifully enhance your backyard space and provide the ambience that you desire to achieve.

Naturally, we tend to navigate to the aesthetic appeal of the design and ask ourselves questions such as “How do I envision my pool area?

How do I want my guests to feel when they are using this space?” While we’re not knocking the fact that this is important, there are some other key factors to bear in mind at the same time.

Here are some alternate factors to consider:

An absolute priority when it comes to designing your pool space and selecting products such as tiles, is safety. What sort of finish do your tiles have? Are they non-slip? It is important to make a note to ask your tile provider about the finish on your products to ensure the safety of your friends and family when using your pool area. Some of the safest options when it comes to the finish on the tiles surrounding your pool area include sandblasted, flamed, or brushed and tumbled.

Will your tiles be able to withstand the hot southern sun, or are they simply unbearable to your feet in the heat? Are they rough and uncomfortable to walk on? It is important to remember that your pool area will be a high traffic area, so comfort will be key to keep in mind when designing this space.

This one really does come down to personal preference, it’s true – but as always there is the light versus dark debate. Opting for tiles lighter in colour will help to create the illusion that your pool area is larger in size. On the other hand, darker tiles will have the opposite effect, although ideal for creating a captivating and modern backyard.

Like any product, maintenance is key, and this is no different when it comes to your pool tiles. Ensure that you seal your tiles at least once a year as unsealed natural stone will darken as it gets wet.

At RMS Traders, our high-quality natural stone tiles and pavers have been effortlessly enhancing the homes and outdoor spaces of our customers for almost 35 years.

With the most extensive variety of natural stone pavers and tiles in Melbourne and Geelong, accompanied with over 30 years of industry experience, we have the products and the expertise to make your natural stone selection a breeze.

We understand that your home is your sanctuary, which is why we provide the very best quality and ethically sourced natural stone to transform any area of your home into a translucent oasis.

To view our impressive range of natural stone on display you can visit RMS Traders at one of their three showroom locations (Richmond, Geelong and Hoppers Crossing) or contact one of our natural stone specialists for further information on your next home design project.
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