Plug into solar with Winki Solutions

November 10, 2023 BY

The business has a team of 28, and is a local employer of electricians and apprentices.

Winki Solutions is a local Surf Coast business founded and based in Torquay.

With a passion for renewable energy and the environment, Winki Solutions is a specialist electrical contractor with a focus on renewable energy.

Winki Solutions was recently one of three finalists in the Clean Energy Council greater than 100kw Awards for a 3MW solar system at Toyota in Altona in partnership with AGL. This gives their customers the confidence that their job will be installed to a high standard by an in-house trained and accredited team in a short time frame.

Winki’s specialty is residential solar, battery storage and EV charging jobs for customers in Geelong, Colac, Bellarine and Surf Coast.

Winki Solutions are accredited battery experts and Tesla certified.

The present state and federal government rebates combined are extremely attractive and can save a homeowner up to $5,000 off the upfront price of a new solar system.

The average return on investment for solar customers is 3.5 years. If you plan on staying in your home longer than three to four years, the ongoing cost savings average about $1,400 per year. This can also give added protection from any future potential price rises in electricity.

Battery storage is another option. Winki Solutions are accredited battery experts and Tesla certified, and also offer a range of other batteries.

Whether it is to store excess solar from the day to power the house at night or to provide power during potential blackouts, batteries are becoming more popular as people look to become energy independent.

EV chargers are another service that Winki Solutions can assist with. Whether it be a specific charger for an electric vehicle at your home or a supercharger at a business, the team at Winki Solutions can assist with your needs.

Winki Solutions services the Greater Geelong, Colac, Bellarine and Surf Coast regions. As a local employer of electricians and apprentices and a team of 28, you know that Winki Solutions will be there to help with your transition to renewables.

If you are interested to learn about renewable energy or for any information regarding the suitability of your home or business please reach out. Whether it be for a high-end Tesla battery system to bill-saving, budget-friendly solar options, Winki Solutions can help.

For more information, head to winkisolar.com.au