Newtown-based Californian bungalow takes home design award

June 26, 2024 BY

The judging panel celebrated the residence for its personalised atmosphere, economical use of materials and vintage furnishings. Photos: CRICKET SALEH

A NEWTOWN-BASED interior designer has been celebrated at this year’s Australian Interior Design Awards, taking home the prize for Residential Decoration.

Amelda Wilde was recognised for the design of her renovated Californian bungalow, which she says is an ode to handcrafted revival and preserves several of the original structure’s “decadently imperfect” elements, such as charred bricks and “thrashed skirting boards”.

The design of the home, dubbed the Von Leach Residence, is centred on atmosphere and features a rich tapestry of unconventional materials, bespoke furniture – some of which was built on site by Wilde’s partner, the steel fabricator behind the brand Von Steel – and antique features.


Newtown-based interior designer Amelda Wilde.


The Australian Interior Design Awards judging panel said the residence gives a “real sense of the expression of its occupants and their personal values” which made the project stand out amongst the other entries.

“This expression comes out through the arts and crafts nature of the interior’s styling, as well as the more contemporary steel detailing, creating an appealing old versus new dynamic,” they said.

“While the design may capture a personalised atmosphere, it is also to be commended for an economical use of materials that is sparse yet rich.

“From a sustainability perspective, the use of vintage furnishings and recycled steel pieces and reliance on local manufacture adds to the project’s striking success.”