Free kids ferry rides this school holidays

June 30, 2022 BY

Children can jump on Port Phillip Ferries free of charge this school holidays at Geelong, Portarlington and Melbourne. Photo: SUPPLIED.

PORT Phillip Ferries is encouraging local families to put their feet up and enjoy the ride across the bay this school holidays, offering free travel for children for the next fortnight.

Children aged from four to 16 can jump aboard free of charge starting tomorrow (Saturday, June 25) until the end of the holidays on July 10. Infants aged three and under already travel free on Port Phillip Ferries services.

The business’ marketing manager Brad Wright said the first-time initiative was aimed at busting cost pressures for a day getaway for families during the class break.

“Times are tough at the moment for a lot of people, with prices soaring for petrol and things like that. So the initiative is to get people not driving down the freeway and churning up the petrol,” he said.

“It’s about jumping on the ferry and having a much nicer experience, and it’s a much more affordable option for families; not having to drive, not having to park the car, not having to get through the freeway works that are going on at the moment.

“Getting on the ferry is part of the adventure. As you’re cruising across the bay you see seals, dolphins, then when you get to Docklands it’s very easy to get around and plenty to do.”

The offer is available on all Port Phillip Ferries services in the timeframe, which includes journeys between Docklands, Geelong and Portarlington.

The Portarlington-Geelong route is a new weekday PPF service that opened this year and provides coverage across the western half of the bay.

Families can use the promo code “PPFKidsFree” to take advantage of the offer at the Port Phillip Ferries website at portphillipferries.com.au/kids-go-free-school-holidays

Pre-booked tickets are essential.