Torquay Golf Club turns 100

October 30, 2020 BY

Torquay Golf Club has reached a grand milestone, celebrating its 100th anniversary on October 30.

What began with 20 local residents gathering at the community hall and deciding to form a golf club, 100 years on is one of the most respected clubs in the region.

President Greg Libbis said it was a remarkable achievement and its longevity highlighted the club’s resilience to remain strong through many tough times since 1920.

“It is a remarkable achievement for this great club to have withstood the many challenges it has faced over the past century and still be able to remain strong, vibrant and successful.” Libbis said.

“The Great Depression, World War II, droughts, severe water shortage issues, stringent occupational health and safety legalisation, threats of land reclamation from the state government, embezzlement and even the sale of the freehold to the RACV have been unable to curtail our ongoing existence.

“Whilst the Torquay Golf Club was sold to the RACV in 2008, it remains a united body of golfing members renowned for its camaraderie who continue to enjoy a wonderful golf course location and layout.”

Libbis also acknowledged the outstanding contribution of committee member Peter Oliver who championed the centenary program. Oliver playing a key role in producing the centenary book and video, which can be seen below.

Given the restrictions on gatherings due to COVID-19 this year, the club will give its milestone the celebration it deserves next year with a number of centenary events moved to 2021. Including the Gala dinner, which will be held on October 30, 2021.

Torquay Golf Club has come a long way. The first round played 100 years ago was played on what could be

best described as “mown cow paddocks”. The original nine-hole course was set on the east side of Spring Creek, encompassing the grounds the caravan park predominantly operates on today.

The course is now situated on the west side of Spring Creek and has developed into a spectacular 18-hole course, complete with the stunning RACV Resort facilities.

Torquay Golf Club is the second largest regional club in the state, with a membership of 1220.




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