20 years of progress and success

March 8, 2024 BY

Jade Morris (EA to Richard Carr and Mel Macpherson (senior accountant) are valued members of the West Carr & Harvey team.

Jade Morris (EA to Richard Carr and Mel Macpherson (senior accountant) have both been working at West Carr & Harvey for 20 years.

When Jade and Mel started work at West Carr & Harvey things looked a little different then to now. “I had a typewriter on my desk and WPM (words per minute) were a big deal!!” Jade laughed. “I can also still remember the day we advanced from dial up internet! It’s amazing to think our entire firm is now operating with cloud-based technology and the freedom for us to work from anywhere.”

Mel agreed that technology has had a huge impact on her working life during the past 20 years. “I used to have a lot more paper than I do now!” she laughed.

While Mel had chosen a profession which was quite male dominated at the time, she found her transition from university into the workforce at West Carr & Harvey an easy one. “Obviously things were quite different for women back then, but I found West Carr & Harvey to be an inclusive place to work from the get-go,” she said. When Mel joined the accounting team, she was one of four female accountants, with nine accountants in total.

Since then, West Carr & Harvey has grown to more than 60 staff, 40 of whom are female. When asked what has kept them at West Carr & Harvey these last 20 years, Mel said flexibility was key.

“My kids have additional needs so I knew I needed to be available for them. I once tried to organise a nanny and my son ran away in protest!” she said. “Being able to work how and when I wanted was invaluable. As a busy mum I love also being able to dress up and transition into ‘work-Mel!’ We also have some great clients I’ve worked with for many years and those partnerships have been really rewarding.”

Jade said having the opportunity to progress her career was a key driver for her when joining West Carr & Harvey. “I started out as the ‘mail girl’ and I immediately had my heart set on becoming EA to Richard Carr, which I knew would be a big job. I climbed the corporate ladder and within two years I’d made it, now I’m still here and loving it!”

“My role is fast paced and complex. It keeps me engaged and excited which I think is incredibly important in a career.”

Both Mel and Jade agreed the reason they have stayed with West Carr & Harvey so long is because they felt valued. “While flexibility is a driver, it’s also about having a workplace that is ultimately enjoyable to be in. It’s great to have hard work acknowledged and to be recognised for the value you provide to the firm and our clients.” Mel said.

“Feeling looked after and having our health and well-being prioritised is so important. It’s reflected in the way we work and how we feel about our workplace culture.” Jade said.
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