Communicating authenticity for business’ success

March 3, 2023 BY

Courtney Smith is driven to provide clients with PR and Communication strategies to their ultimate goals.

With PR and communications experience spanning 13 years in both Australia and the UK, Courtney Smith brings passion and experience to every client that she works with.

A dedicated storyteller and avid writer, Courtney has always loved getting to know brands, clients, and figuring out what it is they really want from a public relations consultant.

With experience spanning many industries including drink, food, toys, health, travel, beauty and beyond, Courtney has the skills necessary to be adaptable to all clients and to extract the ultimate goals from every client and project.

“Having worked in huge, fast-paced PR agencies, smaller boutique firms and then ultimately creating my own comms agency, I really live and breathe the career path that I have chosen,” Courtney said.

“Luckily for me, when I decided to study PR at university in Geelong as an 18-year-old, it has served me well as I have loved every minute of learning the craft and I have always wanted to work in this vibrant and important industry.”

Courtney started her agency, CourtComms, when she relocated back to Australia after living in London for 13 years.

She identified that there was a need, and an appetite for business education surrounding the importance of PR and Communications and what value it brings to a business, brand or individual.

The agency has recently gone through a rebrand and is now known as WordSmith – expanding to a full-service communications agency offering clients everything they require.

“I have a team of talented and very trusted professionals covering everything from graphic design and photography, through to web marketing and design,” Courtney said.

“It’s exciting and I believe that WordSmith offers everything that a huge PR company can offer – but with complete client dedication and constant contact.”

Courtney has noticed and is very aware of the changing media landscape and has had to alter her communications approach accordingly. The pandemic changed everything, in all industries, and PR was not immune to the impacts.

“I was in the fortunate position to have many businesses reach out to me to build their brand profile and online presence as ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses had to shut their doors,’ she said.

“The media landscape has changed dramatically – it is no longer enough to have a great product or service; I must constantly adapt angles and campaign strategies to work within a heavily impacted media space.”

Courtney has had some dream-like experiences in her PR career, spanning the globe. The industry’s potential and vibrancy are what drives her, with an unwavering passion.

“I have been extremely fortunate in my PR career. I have travelled the world whilst working on various campaigns, spanned massive global brands and celebrities, through to smaller start-ups that are excited to be able get a PR consultant on-board,” Courtney said.

“I embrace every opportunity with open arms and am so grateful that I get to work in this dynamic industry.”

With all industries suffering in some capacity due to the current climate, Courtney believes that PR is essential to weathering the economic storms.

“In essence the ‘glory days’ of PR have gone. It’s not wining and dining contacts anymore. It’s creating genuine, compelling stories and campaigns.

“No industry is smooth sailing in the current climate. But it is a challenge that really drives me to keep pushing and make my clients happy and meet their ultimate goals.”

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