Creating a space to unwind, learn, grow and heal at Deśa Retreat

March 3, 2023 BY

Emma Flick founded Deśa Retreat, a retreat that has become a hub for locals and visitors to recentre, re-energise and be inspired to live more in tune with Mother Nature and themselves.

Emma Flick dreamt of creating a boutique retreat for 20 years.

She wanted to create a place where people could come to rest and recalibrate after enduring stressful events or chapters in life.

In early 2017 she began transforming her Jan Juc home to realise this dream, and by December 2019, Deśa was created.

With eco-accommodation for up to 12 people, a purpose-built yoga studio and thriving permaculture garden feeding Emma’s family and visiting guests, Deśa Retreat has become a welcoming destination, perfectly located at the Great Ocean Road gateway.

Located just a five-minute walk from the Jan Juc beach, Deśa is a space of healing, growth and relaxation, attracting seekers of yoga, surfing, eco-stays, workshops, personalised retreats, coaching, and plant-based cuisine.

Emma oozes warmth and positivity.

Visitors feel welcome and begin being nurtured and rejuvenated from the moment they arrive.

Emma is fiercely passionate about what she does,and is always discovering new ways to support people who come to this little paradise corner of the Surf Coast.

Emma Flick


Deśa Retreat has become a hub for locals and visitors to recentre, re-energise and be inspired to live more in tune with mother nature and themselves.

A qualified yoga teacher, personal trainer, trauma therapist, hotel manager and passionate musician, Emma is committed to inspiring people into conscious action through music, movement, breath and heart-centred therapeutic conversation.

Emma loves sharing practical tools to support others to embody their authentic selves, through shedding layers of trauma held in the body and limiting thoughts and beliefs constructed in the mind.

“I’m always learning from others, and one of the aspects I love about running the retreat is that I am able to connect deeply to people and learn from them, while sharing the practical tools that I have found to be most supportive in my life,” Emma said.

Deśa offers organised group retreats such as the Surf and Yoga Retreat in summer, and Personal Transformation Retreat in winter.

Deśa’s retreats feature activities such as surf lessons, yoga classes, sound meditation, personal strategy coaching, nutrition and cooking workshops, clay therapy, Hawaiian dancing, drumming circles, massages and delicious garden-to-plate food.

Emma and her local collaborators put loads of grounded goodness into their retreat offerings, so all you need to do is turn up and soak it all in.

“Observing people connect with their true nature in the ocean, by a fire, through yoga or music is a beautiful privilege that I am always grateful for,” Emma said.

Deśa also provides person-centred private retreats for individuals, couples, families or friends, and NDIS-funded health retreats customising respite and short-term accommodation services for clients supported by NDIS care plans.

“Our guests on NDIS plans have a fully tailored experience to meet their needs – from one-on-one coaching to therapeutic massage, sound meditation, in house meals, nutrition workshops and more,” Emma said.

To book your stay, yoga class, retreat or therapeutic appointment, head to

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