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March 8, 2024 BY

Ellina Armstrong opened Zero Gravity Health in Portarlington in 2022.

Myotherapist Ellina Armstrong is spearheading the health and wellness industry with her business Zero Gravity Health.

Zero Gravity Health is a locally owned and operated health, wellness and recovery clinic located in Portarlington. The clinic offers a range of modalities that have been clinically proven to assist in enhancing mental and physical wellbeing.

Services now available at Zero Gravity Health include Myotherapy, Float Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Fire and Ice Therapy and Compression Boots.

Since graduating in 2012 Ellina has been practicing on the Bellarine Peninsula. As her experience grew in the health industry, she noticed a demand for more modalities to improve physical and mental health. That is where the concept of Zero Gravity Health was born. It was years in the making, but finally come to fruition in April 2022, with the doors opening to offer the local community a place to relax, unwind, improve recovery and sports performance as well as help relieve stress and anxiety related conditions.

The clinic is purpose-built, with state-of-the-art equipment, which was hand-picked by Ellina to ensure the highest quality of facilities are available to clients.

Myotherapy is the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. Myotherapy can be useful in treating conditions such as back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, chronic pain, as well as a range of other conditions.

Float Therapy is a form of R.E.S.T or restricted environmental stimulation therapy, where you float in a dark, soundproof pod, filled with water heated to 35.5 degrees Celsius and 550kg of Epsom salts.

This solution allows anyone to float effortlessly, removing gravitational forces, meaning any pressure on joints or muscles is decreased, providing pain relief and the lack of sensory input allows your brain to enter a deep state of relaxation, helping to reduce stress hormones, leaving you feeling wonderful and floaty after a session.

The Infrared Sauna allows you to enjoy a sauna session where the infrared rays penetrate into your body, increasing your core temperature, aiding in muscle recovery, relaxation, detoxification, and more health benefits without feeling like you are sitting in an uncomfortable environment as the air temperature stays at a comfortable level.

There are three different options of Fire and Ice Bath Therapy to suit your preferences. Contrast Bathing alternates between both baths, spending 3 minutes in the fire bath, followed by 1 minute in the ice bath and repeat this sequence four times.

In a Fire with Ice Plunge, enjoy a soak in the fire bath for 20 minutes and then jump in the ice bath for a refreshing plunge for up to 3 minutes. Or Ice Bath where you can spend a maximum of 10 minutes in the ice bath.

If recovery is your aim, try our Compression Boots. Sit back, relax, and let the boots do all the work for you as they sequentially compress the leg to increase circulation, reduce soreness, fatigue, and DOMs.

So, if you are looking to up your recovery game, decrease stress and anxiety or a new form of self-care, then Zero Gravity Health is the place to be.

For more, head to zerogravityhealth.com.au

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