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Amanda ensures her customers become part of the Geelong Rural family and members for life.

Geelong-born and raised Amanda Davies has no doubt showcased what good old-fashioned customer service should be.

Geelong Rural, a locally-owned family business providing farmers with agricultural machinery and mechanical servicing for more than 40 years presented an opportunity to Amanda and her diesel mechanic husband Bryan to purchase Geelong Rural.

In April 2016, Bryan and Amanda along with their three children, Ella, Edward and Vivien become the proud new owners of Geelong Rural.

Amanda had some exposure to agriculture growing up on a hobby farm in Drysdale, for Bryan, farming and machinery was second nature.

Bryan also completed his diesel mechanic apprenticeship with Geelong Rural back in the day.

Bryan jumped right into the daily running of the workshop for the business, but Geelong Rural needed a salesperson – Amanda decided to grab the bull by the horns and become the salesperson for Geelong Rural and sell KIOTI Tractors.

Sheer determination and passion have earned Amanda the title of “The Tractor Lady”.

While being a busy mum of three, Amanda studied the specifications of every KIOTI tractor, researched attachments and implements, and of course got behind the wheel and learnt to drive them.

Before owning Geelong Rural Amanda had never operated a tractor, fast forward seven years and up against 82 other KIOTI dealers, Amanda has achieved several accolades including third largest Australian dealer and most recently Victoria’s largest dealer.

Amanda has created a dynamic team.

“Our passion is our drive – we pride ourselves in going that extra mile to give our clients an amazing shopping experience,” she said.

“I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, but I did want to rejuvenate how people buy farm machinery.

“It’s all about the experience, from the initial enquiry to chat about tractors to the exciting delivery day; we are with you every step of the way.”

Upon purchasing a KIOTI tractor, Amanda ensures her customers become part of the Geelong Rural family, a member for life.

Geelong Rural is the type of business that greets their customers by name and ensures they feel important and that they receive the best customer service and advice.

“We love, value and appreciate everyone who has helped us grow the business to where it is today,” Amanda said.

Geelong has a very proud and strong farming history, and it thrills Amanda to see how many influential and independent women are now leading the way in the agricultural Industry.

In a very male-dominated industry, it can be hard to break through the stigma that women don’t own tractor dealerships and don’t sell tractors, but Amanda has cut through the BS and shown people that success is really built on hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

In the very distant future when the day comes to hand over the reins of Geelong Rural, Amanda hopes that she has inspired others to be the best version of themselves, and to be strong and believe in yourself, as people will then see you and listen.

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