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March 3, 2023 BY

Using her personal experience, Allyson Brown founded and is the director of everheal and creator of the 4-Step LIFE Formula Program.

There’s fresh hope for people struggling with fatigue, brain fog and chronic illnesses including autoimmunity thanks to everheal.

Allyson Brown is the director of everheal and creator of the 4-Step LIFE Formula Program.

She completed her PhD in analytical research in 2010, has presented nationally at the 2020 Virtual Disability Expo and has been featured in TickerNews, TickerInsights, MS InTouch Magazine, and as an acclaimed speaker at the 2022 Symptom Free MS Summit.

Allyson was diagnosed with MS in 2005 during the second year of her PhD in analytical research and experienced 20 relapses despite taking immunosuppressant medication for 15 years.

In 2018, Allyson experienced crippling fatigue, depression, anxiety and brain fog that were so severe, she spent months sitting on the couch, staring into space like a zombie – trapped like a prisoner in her own body.

Allyson hoped that her body would heal itself, but was fearful that this was as good as her life would ever be.

After resigning from her corporate job due to her declining health, Allyson knew she had to take action to restore her health, despite not having any energy or any motivation to change.

But, desperate to improve her situation, Allyson reluctantly started eating an anti-inflammatory diet, as she had read articles about how others had used dietary changes to improve these symptoms.

“Honestly, I didn’t want to do it and I didn’t really think it would help,” she said.

Miraculously, within three months of implementing the dietary changes, Allyson’s health had dramatically improved – her cognitive function had returned, the depression and anxiety had disappeared and she had energy again.

“It was like a switch went off and my body began functioning properly. I finally felt like myself again.”

Baffled by her results, Allyson used her PhD research skills to investigate how food had created such incredible results, and uncovered the remarkable links between diet and our health from some of the top researchers and functional medicine practitioners from across the globe.

Allyson joins a growing number of people using “food as medicine” to help alleviate the crippling symptoms of chronic fatigue, brain fog and chronic illness, by addressing the root cause of the problem, rather than simply masking the symptoms with medication.

“Eating a clean diet is the best thing I’ve ever done for my health – I wish I’d started sooner,” she said.

With her newfound knowledge, Allyson needed to share this life-changing information to help others to improve their health and quality of life too. That’s when everheal was born.

The everheal LIFE Formula Program simplifies the transition to clean eating, as well as providing the necessary support, guidance and accountability to help people stay on track.

“Learning from my own mistakes, I’ve really tried to create something helpful, friendly, kind, reliable and supportive. People who connect with that, are exactly who I want to help,” Allyson said.

Allyson is now dedicated to sharing her research through live events and within the LIFE Formula Program to help educate, encourage and empower fellow sufferers of chronic illness about how to improve their health naturally, so they can live their best life too.

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