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March 8, 2024 BY

Dr Bec Burns has built a thriving business with a talented team of like-minded osteopaths to treat the Surf Coast community.

Osteopath Dr Bec Burns founded Sequence Osteopathy in Torquay in 2016.

She is known for her strong hands, excellent problem solving skills for complex and chronic conditions and has built a thriving business with a talented team of like-minded osteopaths to treat the Surf Coast community.

In December 2022, Bec launched Sequence Clinical Pilates & Rehab Space just around the corner on Puebla Street, which allowed her to combine her love for yoga and pilates with Osteopathy.

“I was finding that our patients were seeking specific rehab and strengthening and we realised that they really needed hands on individualised attention from someone that had a deep understanding of their body and history.

Creating this rehab pathway helps our patients get that longer term relief and prevent flare-ups,” she said.

“It works really well having that dual pathway – we can refer patients that we have previously treated in clinic to the studio, or if they come for pilates we can then also refer back to the clinic if needed for some additional hands-on work.

This gives such great rounded holistic treatment where people feel super-supported and don’t have to keep retelling their case history.”

The business has three experienced osteopaths teaching clinical pilates and recently added a physiotherapist, Ady Ingram, meaning people can also claim private health insurance on both individual and group sessions.

All practitioners are passionate about facilitating personal growth and pain-free movement for their clients. Movement is for everyone and it should be enjoyed.

The space’s strengths lie in treating clients who have tried several other options but still struggle with pain.

Sequence Clinical Pilates & Rehab Space hones in on details of a client’s movement and symptoms to bring about changes in pain and restriction So much of this comes from educating and empowering clients to understand and listen to their body – change comes from the inside first!

The team works with the individual – reducing a golf handicap, improving a surfer’s pop-up, or even facilitating a correct pelvic floor and core technique to prevent pain in hot mat pilates.

The Sequence team particularly love promoting exercise for women and making this more accessible for them.

We all know how hard it can be to work/exercise/be a mum/run a household and practice self-care at the same time. After all, women are the ultimate multi-taskers!

Torquay is flooded with options for both studio and clinical pilates, but the team believes their unique difference lies in their flexibility and focus on the individual.

There are not strict pathways from clinic to group classes; the team works its rehab programs into the client’s life.

They are always thrilled when a client can transition from clinical group classes to their own independent exercise.

To celebrate the past year of Sequence Clinical Pilates & Rehab Space, the business is extending a special offer for other Women in Business readers.

Book online with this code – SEQPILATES – for a $30 discount on your initial appointment (valid until June 1, 2024).

For more information, head to sequenceclinicalpilates.com.au

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