Invoking an experience through imagery

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Vanessa Claire connects with her clients and truly understands what makes their business special.

Vanessa Claire’s photography journey began in 2017 on her first big overseas trip to Canada with her partner, who was a professional landscape photographer.

“Initially, I had planned to just tag along, but given the artistic background I have had since a child, learning photography on this trip was inevitable,” she said.

Vanessa said she never fully appreciated how much work and dedication goes into creating a great shot until she started landscape photography.

“I can’t begin to tell you how many tears I’ve cried over the years.

From excruciating frostbitten hands in the Canadian Rockies, to returning to a car in a blizzard with a dead battery and no mobile reception.

I’d climb to the top of a mountain, just to have the view shrouded by fog and often return from an arduous shoot without a single good photograph.

“As much as this all kind of sucks at the time, it’s the journey of being a photographer and all the challenges along the way that I learned to love. Every single photograph has a story to tell.

Over time, I’ve learned to focus less on the destination – the photograph – and to just enjoy the journey along the way.”

At the end of 2017, Vanessa graduated from university with a degree in Engineering and Science (mathematics) and started a job at BHP as an electrical engineer.

The job took her to some remote parts of Australia, working on some interesting projects and offered a great start in life as a young professional.

“As much as this job was rewarding, it was also challenging – the hardest part was being away from my family, friends and partner back in Melbourne.

After a few years, I decided it was enough; returning to Geelong to find a job closer to home,” she said.

During this time, Vanessa’s photography work had become noticed by businesses in Melbourne and Geelong.

While her engineering work provided a sense of accomplishment, she still yearned for the sense of creativity that photography provided.

“As my work started to grow, I realised I would be able to make a full-time career out of this,” Vanessa said.

“Part of my unique ability as a photographer is to connect with my clients and truly understand what makes their business special.

To invoke an experience through imagery – bringing out a sense of emotion and connection between their customers and the business.

“I have the ability to adapt my photography style to my client’s brand; never a one-size-fits-all approach. I have since expanded my photography portfolio to include food, architecture, portraits and event photography.”

Vanessa has worked with Australian businesses such as Legacy Australia and RM Williams on various events and campaigns. “But my passion is working alongside local businesses in Geelong and Surf Coast,” she said.

“To help them grow and expand their social media presence by bringing out their true potential through imagery is highly rewarding.

While I’m not directly using my Engineering degree, my time as a professional has taught me valuable skills in project management.

My ability to communicate and deliver efficiently has gained a level of respect and trust between myself and my clients, and in turn, my reputation as a professional photographer.”

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