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March 8, 2024 BY

Dr Adi Brown and the Surf Coast Family Hub provide a range of holistic, evidence-based support services.

As the population of the Surf Coast and beyond continues to grow, the need for family-based, inclusive support services has never been greater.

From her Jan Juc-based clinic, Dr Adi Brown (who is a Clinical Psychologist herself) heads a team of 10 practitioners who together provide a broad range of holistic, evidence-based support services.

These include perinatal and general psychology, child psychology and assessment, couples therapy, massage, acupuncture, midwifery continuity of care and education, doula support, and music and men’s groups.

The hub has only recently been known as the Surf Coast Family Hub.

“We opened in 2020 as ‘The Perinatal Hub’, however our team has been providing so much more than perinatal support for a long time,” Adi said.

“Our new name recognises the breadth of services we have on offer; we support people at every step of their perinatal journey as well as children, couples, and families facing general stresses and challenges.

It also recognises our physical expansion – we now have a lovely fourth room and courtyard, both of which will be used to host upcoming groups.”

Adi said individuals attended the Hub for many reasons.

Some people come in for a massage or acupuncture session when they either need a simple self-care treatment or wish to address a specific complaint such as muscle tension or improving immunity.

Others seek therapeutic support for general challenges such as anxiety, stress, and depression, or for perinatal-specific challenges such as infertility, birth trauma and parenting.

Couples attend the Hub seeking relationship therapy, and the hub provide support to children needing help to navigate developmental and social challenges.

The hub also offer psychological assessment for kids and adults.

A midwife offers pregnancy and postnatal education sessions along with continuity of support throughout pregnancy and the postpartum, and the newest offerings include the Lulla-baby Music and the men’s winter workshop series.

“Supporting the physical, emotional and spiritual health of individuals and families as they face stress and major life transitions such as pregnancy and parenthood is essential, not only to protect mental health and wellbeing but to protect the wellbeing of the next generation and beyond,” Adi said.

“To ensure a high standard of care, all practitioners at the Hub have perinatal-specific training and undergo ongoing skill development to ensure they provide ethical, professional and high quality services .

“It is so fulfilling to see many of our clients accessing more than one service, as this allows us to provide thorough and holistic care.

The degree of collaboration between practitioners is up to the individual client. It truly is a one stop shop for family wellbeing.”

The Hub is a cosy and inviting space. “Just arriving at work fills my cup, it’s my home away from home,” Adi said.

For more information wherever you are in your perinatal journey, head to surfcoastfamilyhub.com.au

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