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March 3, 2023 BY

Made Great's Kate Ware and the Made Great team create strategic digital marketing plans that deliver commercial results.

When Kate Ware was a child, she’d spend hours with her cousin, building “businesses” in her bedroom with a redundant rotary dial phone and a stack of carbon copy invoice books rejected from her dad’s office stationery cupboard.

This early drive and vision for business led Kate to establish her first company, BuzzPop Brands, in 2014 when she was on maternity leave with her first child. These were the early days of social media, and she saw an opportunity in the way brands could communicate and market to their customers through social media and digital marketing.

After eight successful years operating as BuzzPop, the agency recently rebranded to Made Great, a natural brand evolution due to the business’ growth and clarity of purpose.

Made Great delivers successful commercial results through strategic digital marketing while redefining the traditional agency relationship, evolving it into a true business partnership.

Many Made Great clients are women in business, whether marketing leaders or business owners looking for other like-minded female leads to partner with.

“Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of our team becoming right-hand humans for marketing professionals and business owners, to slot in and offer a seamless extension of the internal capability and elevate all that exists,” says Kate, founder and managing director of Made Great.

“Every organisation is structured differently, each with a unique set of challenges and targets to reach, and that’s where our integrated collaborative approach comes to life. Trust has been a continual pillar of how we do business.

The opportunity to collaborate with a business partner is nothing short of a privilege, nor do we take our responsibility lightly.”

In these challenging economic times, Kate and the Made Great team recognise the need to be more innovative, agile and opportunistic with marketing spending. Whether it’s a corporate marketing budget or a business owner’s hard-earned dollars, Kate and her team take a humanistic approach and consider every cent as if it’s their own.

This deep respect for business and the humans behind them drives the success of the Made Great team and, in turn, the success of their clients.

“The beauty of digital marketing comes from the immediate access to data insights and the opportunity to adjust and evolve strategy before our clients realise they need it,” she said.

“We’re there formulating the approach to better align marketing to an organisation’s business strategy while delivering insights and intel required of the executive and board. We prioritise being transparent and accountable and keeping communication open, and our relationships and ongoing clients are a testament to this”.

The scalable marketing agency model Kate has developed partners a select group of accomplished marketing and brand professionals according to their client’s specific needs.

These niche teams work with Kate to curiously and creatively solve the various marketing challenges women in business face.

Made Great is focused on harnessing the next generation of marketing talent in Geelong, hosting Deakin internships and allowing graduates to work with local, national and even global brands without having to take a role in Melbourne.

With a commitment to delivering powerful results, a unique approach to the agency/client relationship, and a dedication to helping women in business succeed, Kate Ware and Made Great are the ultimate strategic partner for marketing greatness.

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