Making architecture accessible and creating great design outcomes

March 8, 2024 BY

Ashlee Leijer grew up in Geelong and loves the coastal lifestyle.

On any given morning architect, Ashlee Leijer, can be found walking her Labrador Teddy on the beach track near her home in Jan Juc.

Aside from the exercise, the ever-changing landscape and coastal environment bring a daily dose of inspiration to her work.

“No matter which way we go or how many times I walk this path I’ll always notice something different,” Ashlee said.

“The view’s essentially the same but the light’s different or there might be an exciting weather front on the way, I often see kangaroos or an echidna and of course it’s lovely running into people you know.”

Ashlee Leijer Architects approach architecture and interior design projects with the same open mind, creating timeless spaces that evolve with the landscape and enrich the coastal lives enjoyed by their clients.

People can expect a design approach that values collaboration, function and practicality as much as aesthetic.

“Great design outcomes are so much about the people we work with,” Ashelee said.

“One of the most enjoyable parts of the process is getting to know our clients through the various stages of a project.

“Helping people turn their aspirations into spaces that enhance their experience of living in this beautiful part of the world is incredibly motivating.”

Ashlee is passionate about making architecture accessible to everyone and has a keen interest in the recent shift towards creating flexible living spaces for multigenerational families.

Ashlee grew up in Geelong and worked at reputable architecture and interior design practices such as SJB Architects and Mim design in Melbourne before spending time travelling and working abroad.

After settling back into the Surf Coast with her husband and two daughters, Ashlee started to receive many enquiries for Architectural services, inspiring her to establish her own practice.

She is presently working on a range of residential projects on the coast as well as in Melbourne.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful clients so far as well as local consultants and trades,” she said. “We love the coastal lifestyle and wanted to raise our girls in this wonderful community, so it’s been incredible to undertake the next phase of my career here.”

Although drawing inspiration from the coastline, her studio works across different environments including urban and regional sites throughout Victoria.

Interior Design is offered alongside architectural services, leading to the most seamless and cost-effective projects.

Following an initial meeting, Ashlee and her team create a design brief unique to each project to achieve the client’s specific design goals.

They then work across all aspects of the architecture and design process, from pre-design and feasibility studies, through to construction and interior design.

“By collaborating with our clients and defining their objectives we ensure the integrity of the design meets their needs, time frame and budget,” Ashlee said.

“Architecture can have such a significant influence on our lifestyle, wellbeing and our fragile environment and by thoughtfully moving through each stage we can deliver great outcomes.”

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