Monday Distillery: proof of what’s possible with an idea and passion

March 3, 2023 BY

Sam Manning started off her career in the drinks industry with a loose-leaf tea business, then she moved into the 'functional beverage' space with the inception of Lunae Sparkling.

Samantha Manning, founder of Monday Distillery and Lunae Sparkling drinks, has always had a passion for the drinks industry, especially when it comes to flavour profiling and product development.

Sam started off her career in the drinks industry with a loose-leaf tea business, then she moved into the ‘functional beverage’ space with the inception of Lunae Sparkling – a unique drink that is distilled through positively-charged crystals in accordance with the moon cycles.

It was the appetite for Lunae Sparkling that led Sam to creating Monday Distillery – the non-alc ready-to-drink libation that gives consumers the taste and experience of an alcoholic drink without the stumbles.

Sam’s passion for high-quality flavours, innovation and experimentation has resulted in these brands continuously evolving – both in flavour and design – to appeal to those seeking stylishly healthy alternatives for their next drinking occasion.

Sam has a degree in marketing and comes from a sales background – branding and innovation have been in her blood for a long time.

“My drinks are not just for those who avoid alcohol completely,” she said.

“They exist to give us a drinking choice without feeling like we are missing out.”

Both Monday Distillery and Lunae Sparkling sit under the Higher State Co banner, which was founded by Sam in 2016.

Both brands are produced in Geelong, and Higher State Co has doubled in revenue since its inception.

Something else that has also doubled is Sam’s little family.

With a new baby and a two-year-old, Sam’s drive to keep creating has not slowed.

“My partner Haydn works alongside me, so with two little ones coming along in the space of a few years, it truly is a family affair and a juggling act, but a juggle that we adore,” Sam said.

Monday Distillery recently launched the Cantina Collection, consisting of two non-alc margaritas, at the same time Lunae Sparkling released the first installment of a four-part Vivid Collection.

“I don’t like to do things by halves,” Sam said.

“If I’m developing two new drinks for Monday Distillery, I might as well develop four new drinks for Lunae Sparkling while I’m at it.”

Sam sees innovation and quality as key to her business.

Selecting the right suppliers, accessing raw materials with consideration of location, and being dedicated to maintaining quality and never compromising on that point is her ethos.

“My mind is always racing with ideas and creative avenues to explore.

One thing that never changes is my attention to detail with each drink.

“Everything I develop reflects myself, and if I’m not happy with the taste, colour or look of anything, it will never see the light of day.

It will only make it to production if I would happily sit back and drink it myself.”

Sam is a lifelong learner and feels that the future of this category is a bright one.

Head to and to browse the bottled beauties what will leave you in high spirits and clear minds.

It’s beautiful hydration.

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