Ocean Grove Real Estate champions women in all roles and fields

March 3, 2023 BY

Ocean Grove Real Estate are thrilled to see the growth and development of women in their team, with legacies of women before influencing the success of our current team. Pictured from left is Abby Westgarth, Melissa Bell, Allason Lynch, and Kathy Coots.

The team at Ocean Grove Real Estate has a sense of pride in being a female lead real estate agency.

In a traditionally male dominated space, there has been an emergence of women successfully joining the real estate industry over the years and Ocean Grove Real Estate is no different.

The past two agency managers have been women, something unique to their agency in comparison to most others in the region.

Ocean Grove Real Estate hire the right person for the role, creating pathways that encourage equality and diversity.

The value of women at Ocean Grove Real Estate workplace is unquestionable.

“Strong and successful women nurture new generations of strong women, whether that be in business or personally,” Melissa Bell said.

Ocean Grove Real Estate are thrilled to see the growth and development of women in their team, with legacies of women before influencing the success of the existing team.

Equity in the business has led to a more inclusive and effective environment for both the agency and their clients.

“All members of the team feel they are respected and able to have a voice, fostering a positive and productive workplace,” Melissa said.

She said clients could relate to a dynamic and forward-thinking team and that female clients can feel confident that their opinions are valued and understood by female agents they meet.

“For some women, nothing is better than sitting down to speak with a likeminded individual that understands your point of view.”

Ocean Grove Real Estate seize any opportunity to lift other female organisations and work alongside various women-managed and owned marketing agencies, legal or financial professionals locally.

“The Bellarine Peninsula is fortunate to have many dedicated and successful women to celebrate, the community is built on a beautiful foundation of women supporting women,” Melissa said.

“It has never been more important to break the barriers for women in leadership and business.

“Ocean Grove Real Estate are upfront an honest regarding workplace equality, with equal pay and fair conditions cornerstones to their employment policies.

“It is a hope for the agency that they are leading by example and role model an efficacious female lead business.

“The agency is privileged to be able to offer support and encouragement to women in their team.

“Whether it be through training and mentorship to build confidence, or flexibility to ensure women can be present through all facets of their lives.

Ocean Grove Real Estate celebrate women and recognise all the robust roles they play.

“Ocean Grove Real Estate champion mums, the grandmas, the aunties, the wives, the sisters, the best friends, the colleagues, the working mums, the businesswomen, the women just holding it together, the women unsure, the women lacking confidence, the girls who will grow to be the future of women.”

For more information on the business, head to oceangroverealestate.com.au

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