Opening doors to change

March 3, 2023 BY

McCartney Real Estate is passionate about creating an equal workforce. The women who occupy a variety of roles at McCartney include, from left, Jessica Standfield, Kirsty Pertzel, Angela Hill, Kim Harrison-Riley, Milly Turner, Briana Eyles, Karen Skerke, and Lucy Blackwood.

Behind every successful business is an army of even more successful women.

After celebrating their 70th year in the industry in 2022, McCartney Real Estate is passionate about Women in Business and has eleven incredible females contributing to the business’ daily triumphs.

For the seventh year in a row, the team at McCartneys has won the “Agency of the Year” award; a true testament to the endless hours of effort and first-rate work ethic of each individual in the office.

Coming from various locations, ages and walks of life, there is no shortage of drive and talent when it comes to the women who occupy a variety of roles within the company.

From sales executives and property managers to human resource manager and accounts, McCartney Real Estate business is heavily reliant on the women in the office and their expertise.

McCartney Real Estate is conscious of the current gender bias and inequality in the workforce and is committed to minimising this gap and celebrating women’s achievements.

“Whilst this issue is still present in many workplaces, change is happening, and we will continue to strive for greater inclusivity and diversity in this endeavour,” owner and director Tim Carson said.

“There are numerous challenges that women in business face, but we believe that the key to reducing these and allowing our female staff to flourish in the roles that they occupy, is to first gain an understanding of their needs and personal commitments.

“No two staff are the same; from their experience to their knowledge, to their individual abilities and their home lives, and recognising this and acknowledging our differences is a step in the right direction to establish and maintain a happy and efficient workplace.”

Understanding and being able to accommodate the needs of staff is a key focus of the business.

At McCartney Real Estate it’s family first and one of the greatest challenges women face in the workplace, especially mothers, is finding a balance to service their family’s needs as well as managing a career.

“Too often we see women exit the workforce or reduce their hours because they are unable to find this balance or that their employer is incapable of accommodating or facilitating the flexibility they require to manage both,” Tim said.

“Enabling our staff the opportunity to engage in such flexibility, whether it be reduced or flexible working hours, working from home or a slight change in their role within our organisation, ensures we can retain our staff and in turn promote the longevity of our employees in their position.”

As women gain more power and become more influential within the real estate industry, they bring new ideas and a fresh approach.

“Innovation and originality not only benefit the business itself but allows customers and clients greater choice and opportunity in their interactions with our company,” Tim said.

“Women often offer different skills and aptitudes, such qualities include a high level of emotional intelligence, adaptability, conflict management and resolution, all of which help to establish change.

“So, this week we look to celebrate and thank the wonderful women of the McCartney Real Estate team and all that they contribute to our business and its future success in an ever-changing environment striving to achieve equality and sustain excellence.”

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