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Lauren Cassimatis founded of Connecting Lawyer Mums. She is pictured, third from right, at the Connecting Lawyer Mums October Melbourne Museum Event, which included guest speakers Kieren Perkins, Sophie Cachia, Nyadol Nyuon, Colleen Callander, Helen Kapalas.

With 20 years’ experience in the legal profession, Lauren Cassimatis is one of Victoria’s leading criminal defence lawyers and a Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Criminal Law Specialist.

Lauren is the proud founder and principal director of Gallant Law, one of Victoria’s leading boutique law firms, with offices in Geelong, Melbourne and Warrnambool. Gallant Law’s lawyers represent clients across Victoria and Australia in all major courts, tribunals, commissions and inquests daily.

Gallant Law has extensive experience in all criminal matters from driving offences through to drug importation, complex sexual and online offences and homicides.

In addition, Gallant Law specialises in mental impairment matters, professional disciplinary matters, coronial inquests, Royal Commissions and building disputes.

Lauren is known for her exemplary legal skills and her compassion, warmth and dedication to her clients and their families.

She prides herself on creating a firm that is holistic, all-inclusive and progressive in its attitude towards their clients and its delivery of legal services.

It’s important to Lauren that not only does her firm address her clients’ legal matters, but their future in the long-term.

Lauren Cassimatis is the proud founder and principal director of Gallant Law.


“When preparing to defend yourself in any legal matter, you have various elements to consider,” Lauren said.

“You have concerns about how and where to get the best legal advice and representation – and finding a lawyer that understands you and your case, a lawyer that you can trust and depend on as your voice.

“You also worry about your family, your relationships, your career and reputation – how this legal battle could impact your life in the future.

“Gallant Law has a strong network of expert witnesses and support services to ensure their clients and their loved ones are provided with comprehensive care and support in and outside the courtroom.”

As a smaller, boutique firm, with a client-centric and family-focus approach, Lauren’s team provide their clients with a personalised service, with all the skills, experience and qualifications of a big law firm.

Gallant Law’s team have experience working with all members of society, from professionals with privacy and reputation concerns to those struggling financially or emotionally and looking for a law firm that will treat them with respect and premium quality of service.

The team also receives training in working with clients and family members who may be living with physical or mental impairments, which affect their day-to-day lives or may have been contributing factors in their legal matter.

Gallant Law’s staff are trained in diversity and the history and cultures of LGBTQI+, Aboriginal, African and Pasifika community groups to ensure they represent their clients with full awareness of their circumstances.

The firm values clear, consistent communication as a way of ensuring you are kept informed and feel comfortable with each step.

Lauren is also the proud founder of Connecting Lawyer Mums, an Australia-wide professional development and support group designed to boost lawyer mothers’ wellbeing, networks and professional skills.

Lauren created this organisation drawing on her own experiences and colleagues’ experiences as professional women and mothers.

She has been a key sponsor, keynote speaker and contributor to invaluable organisations and events such as Geelong Women in Business, The Geelong Wellness Summit, Deakin University, Shine for Kids, Success Works, Geelong Mums, Victorian Women Lawyers and Pride in Law.

Gallant Law also provides legal training to law students looking for opportunities ahead of their admission.

Lauren is passionate about supporting her clients, women in business and the local community to rise above life’s challenges, achieve their goals and build a sustainable future. For more information, head to

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Level 11 456 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
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