Providing a smooth property journey

March 8, 2024 BY

Ocean Grove Real Estate blend the best of both with their leadership and team.

Property ownership can be a stressful but rewarding journey. Whether buying, selling or investing; an expert and gentle hand can be a game changer.

Ocean Grove Real Estate blend the best of both with their leadership and team. Nine years experience in real estate has set the foundation for officer in effective control, Melissa Bell, to support and direct the dedicated real estate team with more than 40 years combined experience based in beautiful Ocean Grove.

Melissa’s passion for real estate began with a desire for communication and relationship building. An important component not only in her leadership style but in the core values of the team at Ocean Grove Real Estate: concise and compassionate communication with clients. “To empathise and build a relationship with a client is by far the best way to build business,” Melissa said. “I love knowing my clients’ stories, their properties stories and histories.” If Melissa and the team’s longevity in the industry is anything to go by, relationship building has proven a successful technique in business.

Ocean Grove Real Estate are committed to their clients, with empathy and responsiveness to clients’ needs key features to the business. Driven by Melissa’s leadership and supported by the Corless family, Ocean Grove Real Estate commit with 100 per cent certainty to their client’s property journey. Attention to detail in marketing, market research and a strong focus on the client outcomes ensures a pleasant real estate experience.

Repeat referrals are proof of Ocean Grove Real Estate’s ability to provide a smooth property journey to their clients. “I love supporting a client from renter to local land purchaser and through their build,” Melissa said. “For them to then call us when they are looking to sell the home they built is the best feeling. Knowing them well and having the connection is really important.”
Ocean Grove Real Estate value their reputation as an honest and upfront business. “We really don’t want to misdirect a client,” Melissa said. “Property buying or selling is stressful and time consuming, we aim to alleviate some of that with our service.”

Knowledge is key and research is important in real estate, the team ensure they are not only across market trends in the local area but further into Melbourne and the rest of the state and country. Moreover, they spend time researching and understanding the wider economy and the micro-environments that affect the real estate markets and their clients’ experiences. “It’s important for us to not only understand the market but also the key drivers that affect our clients lives and property decisions.” Melissa said. “It’s all about balance and consideration that not all journeys or goals are the same.”

While not all clients are the same, Ocean Grove Real Estate are confident that they are able to provide the same level of care and professionalism. It’s an attribute that sets them apart from a cookie-cutter approach to real estate and property and an attribute Melissa continues to build and strengthen with the team.